07. Faceclaim

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07. Faceclaim

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PostSubject: 07. Faceclaim Wed May 03, 2017 5:08 pm


A walkthrough the world of RPG

When you have made up a character in your head, it is time to put a face on it. And by face, we mean literally a face. You have to choose a real face for your imaginary character, for example the one of an actor, actress, singer… If you have picked one, you will have to ‘claim’ your ‘face’ right here. By claiming that face, nobody else will be able to use it. It is important that you choose a faceclaim that fits in the Vikings universe.

For example: The Vikings character Björn Ragnarsson his faceclaim is Alexander Ludwig.
How to claim your face: Go to this topic and follow the steps.

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07. Faceclaim
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