02. RPG terms

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02. RPG terms

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PostSubject: 02. RPG terms Wed May 03, 2017 9:50 pm

RPG terms

A walkthrough the world of RPG

Before you start your journey on this RPG it might come in handy to get familiar with the terms that are being used. So we made a list for you. If there are still terms you don't understand, don't be afraid to contact us.

Roleplay Dictionary
- Board or Forum: The board or forum is a general term used to refer to the entirety of this structure/site.
- Forum or Subforum: Forums are structures on the board, grouping related sub-forums or related topics together. This is often used in roleplay to organize character threads.
- Post: A single story of roleplay, written by one player. Posts can be initial posts or they can be replies to other posts.
- Reply: A single story or roleplay, written by one player in response to another player.
- Thread or Topic: A post/thread is a story, written by two or more players. One of the players writes a short story to start and the others respond on that with another short story, making a storyline. These posts are placed in a topic.

Basic Roleplay
- NPC or Non-Playable Characters: A fictional character made up by the administrator, or other roleplayers. They are not actively played by any roleplayer, they are just imagined.
- OOC or Out of Character: Things that the roleplayer is saying out of threads or in game posts.
- Roleplayer: The person who plays the roleplay character.

RPG Member Types
- Administrator (Admin): The owner(s) of the roleplaying game, with power over the whole forum.
- Member: A person who is a non-staff roleplayer in the rpg.
- Moderator: The “manager” of the roleplaying game, with minor staff powers over certain forums.

Bad Roleplay
- Godmodding: Controlling another roleplayer’s character without permission.

Roleplay Graphics
- Avatar: The image to the left of each post of a given forum account. The avatar is usually a physical representation of what the character looks like.
- Character Sheet/Profile: Is a separate informational listing, that gives other roleplayers the chance to learn more about your character or find important information.
- Faceclaim: A ‘claim’ on a particular face or representation of the roleplaying characters. With every character you can put a real life face on them, giving other roleplayers a visuality of your character.
- Post Template: A form of RPG graphic, usually coded in HTML and CSS, that emphasized the mood of the roleplaying post or presents an alternative image of the character’s appearance.
- Signature: A space beneath each post of a given forum account. The signature is usually the character’s name, current status, or an additional image of their faceclaim.
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02. RPG terms
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