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PostSubject: Traveling Thu Jun 08, 2017 6:48 pm


A walkthrough the world of RPG

It’s not more than usual that some characters travel around, maybe they go to other villages to trade, maybe they are looking for a long and lost member of the family. To keep a little overview of the traveling plans each character makes you can request here the travel plans of your character.  Because we want to have some purpose in the traveling of your characters we advise to think it through. A slave won’t travel, it isn’t her place or unless she is commanded or just running away. To keep a little track of this kind of events you have to fill in this list and post it underneath. Your travel plans are only approved when they come up in the list underneath.

Save travel.

[b]Village of destination:[/b]
[b]With what purpose:[/b]
[b]How is he/she traveling:[/b] (boat, horseback, foot,ect)

Travel list:
Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir
From Uddevalla to Skagerrak // by boat
Purpose: Attempting to find either her brother or those who killed her mother

Svipday Knútrsson
From Uddevalla to Kattegat // by boat
Purpose: Trade of Iron and weapons

Harald Pääkkönsson
From Skagen to Kattegat // by boat
Purpose: Harvest feast

Rigas Fenarfiksson - Freyr Rigasson and Lovise Rollvsdóttir
From Skagerrak to Kattegat // by boat
Purpose: Harvest feast

Ylva Halvorsdóttir
From Skagen to Kattegat // by boat
Purpose: Harvest feast

Iliana Andsvarrsdóttir
From Kattegat to Uddevalla // by boat
Purpose: Selling her jewelry & visiting friends

Yrsa Tyrsdóttir
From Skagerrak to Kattegat // by boat
Purpose: Visiting brother and attending Harvest feast


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