Harald Pääkkönsson

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Harald Pääkkönsson

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Title : Finehair - King of Rogaland
Age : 46 y/o
Place of birth : Norway, Scandinavia

PostSubject: Harald Pääkkönsson Sun Jun 11, 2017 10:03 am

Name: Harald
Last name: Pääkkönsson
Title: Finehair, King of Rogaland
Age: 46 y/o
Place of birth: Norway, Scandinavia
Place of residence: Skagen
Rank: Huskarl

Decending from king Ingjald of Svealand and Olof the Woodcarver.
Sibling: Halfdan Pääkkönsson

Height: 1,76 m
Hair: Long dark brown hair that is mostly bind together. The sides of his head are shaved.
Facial hair: Yes
Eye: Blue
Tattoo's: He has tattoo's at the sides of his face and his neck. He also a a big tattoo covering his upper body.

Harald is a real ambitious leader who wants to become King of all Norway. It is a promise he made to Ellisif. She is one of the two people he cares the most for, the second one is his brother Halfdan. There is no one that can come between the two brothers. They share the same respect towards the Gods and the same hatred for the Christians but as he would say; Halfdan is much worse than him. Harald can control his emotions, though he is very outspoken. He says what he wants and has the gift to stimulate people, to give them hope and let them fight for him. It makes him a good leader. But where Halfdan is more cruel, he is more dominant towards others and boisterous, even though he is very charismatic.


Harald was only a young boy when he fell in love with the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. Her name was Ellisif. His heart stopped beating every time he saw her and he knew that she was the one. It was the first time he had felt something like that, a feeling that only became stronger when they talked for the first time. After that they were spending a lot of time together. Harald decided he wanted to marry her, but he was not good enough for her. Not important enough. That day he made her a promise. He would become King of all Norway for her, so he would be important enough. In exchange for that she would not marry another guy, she would way until his return as King of all Norway.

In his years to come he spent a lot of time with his brother sometimes going his own way. That was until he heard of Ragnar's attempt to concur Paris. There was nothing he wanted to do than help King Ragnar, also knowing that it was that man he had to kill if he wanted to become King of all Norway. A man highly respected by the people. So he got twenty ships with around six hundred people aboard and made his way to Kattegat. He announced that his brother would also join the raid and bring his own fleets.

Harald and Haldan were always very aggressive in their ways of killing. They take joy out of suffering, so their victims often suffer a lot before dying. That was also what happened to the Franken. But it is not only for their own pleasure, mostly they do it for the Gods. Everyone is an offering to them so the raids would go as they wanted. With the Vikings as winners and conquerors.   
At a time during the raid he and his brother lead a small raid party towards a Frankish farm. No one there survived. Every last person died a brutal dead and female farmers got raped before their dead. A lot of blood was spilled and afterwards the farm disappeared in flames for they burned it down.

When the big raid came, the moment they had been waiting for, everything went horribly. Rollo helped the Frankish Soldiers and many boats sunk because of that. The boat where Harald and Halfdan were on was one of them. It broke and went up in flames afterwards. They had to get on another boat and he fought bravely alongside his brother. But it wasn't enough. All the fleets had the retreat for there was no chance they could win.
Back in Kattegat the wounded were treated. There was no one who really wanted to talk about the defeat. The Gods had not been on their side and everyone knew it. Around that time Ragnar also disappeared and no one knew where he had gone. For Harald and Halfdan there was nothing left in Kattegat so they left.

But Harald didn't sat still after the defeated. He was not going to give up after one disaster, there was still a promise he had to fulfill. With that in mind he and his fleets went to Rogaland. He wanted that Kingdom as his own. If he did that, he would be King Harald. In a fierce battle he killed King Arnarson and Earl Eyolf. That made him King Harald from that day on.
From his brother he heard about Björn his plans to go on expedition to the Mediterranean sea. Harald wanted to join the son of Ragnar on his journey so he went to Skagen, the Village were his brother had become Earl. It was good for him to see his brother back and he can't wait to go to the Mediterranean sea.

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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Title : Prince of Kattegat
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PostSubject: Re: Harald Pääkkönsson Sun Jun 11, 2017 12:48 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Harald Pääkkönsson
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