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Omgjøring | Harald

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Hlíf Njörðrsdóttir
Shield maiden

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PostSubject: Omgjøring | Harald Wed Jun 14, 2017 9:42 pm

In one hand she was holding an apple, in the other a knife that was so sharp that it could easily cut someone’s head of. Or at least slit their throats and maybe damage the spine while doing so. But she had never used it for such purposes, she wasn’t a killer, she was a catcher. At ease she was cutting small pieces of the apple. One for her, one for Sköll and back again. The dog munched loudly on the fruit, and Hlíf grinned softly before she looked at the road again while leaning to a big rock. There weren’t much marks on the road, which told her that it wasn’t used much lately. Some fading hoofmarks, followed by two long trails that made clear that the horse was pulling a chart. Maybe the lumberjack. The only fresh marks were hers and Sköll’s. She thought it strange, that the forest was a feared place by most of the people from Skagen. And Hlíf knew that the odds were bigger that deserters would leave Skagen by boat instead by horse or foot. So she had to think through new tactics, for when the situation would occur. She tilted her head to the side, looking to the village of Skagen that was a few hundred meters further, wondering when she would get her next assignment. Or when something interesting would happen..
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Omgjøring | Harald
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