06. Character sheets

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06. Character sheets

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PostSubject: 06. Character sheets Mon May 08, 2017 11:27 pm

Character sheet

A walkthrough the world of RPG

This might be the most important part before you step into the RPG. It also might take most of the time, because creating a character sheet takes time. You may be wondering what a character sheet (or CS) is. Well, you can compare it with the identity of a character. Who is he or she? Where does he or she come from? What happened in his or her life?

In a CS you collect all the personal details from your character. You turn it into a little story, so when others read the CS of your character immediately know who he or she is. It pictures your character in rough lines. Ofcourse you can’t know a character 100% if you only read the CS, but it gives you an image. Here you can find an example about what there is supposed to be in your character sheet.

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06. Character sheets
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