Svipday Knútrsson

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Svipday Knútrsson

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Svipday Knútrsson

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Title :
Age : 27 years, still young, but I'm sure the years will come.
Place of birth : Uddevalla

PostSubject: Svipday Knútrsson Sat Jul 08, 2017 1:41 pm

• Name: Svipday
• Last name: Knútrsson
• Title: I do not own a title jet, but I’m sure to get one, one day.

• Age: 26 years, still young, but the years will come.
• Place of birth: Uddevalla
• Place of residence: Uddevalla, Though he travels a lot to sell his father’s goods.

• Rank:
Military structure: Viking: I’ve fought many battles. But I’m still young and there’s always more to learn. But I’m also ready to share my experience.
Social structure: Iron Miner: a hard job indeed, but well worth it.
• Parents:
- Father: Knútr Aldisson †
- Mother: Skur Dyridottir †
- Adoptive: Mar Gnupisson [Blacksmith]
• Siblings: I was the first and only son of Knútr Aldisson and Skur Dyridottir

• Appareance:
Build: Muscular athletic.
Height: 1.92m
Weight: 85kg

Hair: Long dirty blond hair, in the winter it looks more brown. He mostly let it loose, or breads it in. Depending on his mood.
Beard: Mostly short cut, In the winters it’s mostly medium.

Eyes: Silver grey/blue.

• Personality:
Svipday is an easy going guy. He comes forth as calm most of the time and is a fellow that gets along well with different kind of people. He likes to joke around too. But even when he’s a kind fellow he can appear rude at times as he isn’t afraid to say what is on his mind or ‘burn’ people with something they do or said and he thinks different of that. Though that doesn’t chance the fact that he is respectful towards those who he deems to be worthy of his respect.
He doesn’t get angry easily. Mostly he piles his feelings up and gives the person another chance. Though there is a border and if he reaches that…. Then it’s best to stay out of his way. His a very skilled warrior and he wouldn’t be afraid to use those skills when he’s angry.
He also doesn’t seem to take revenge… At least not immediately, he is a very patient person and is terms of revenge he waits for the best time to pay back someone’s quilt.

• History:
Svipday Knútrsson is the first born son of Knútr Aldisson and Skur Dyridottir. Though he hasn’t know his parents for very long or very well. In fact he barely remembers them as they died in battle when he was still a young child. As there was no family left to take care of him. The best friend of his parents, Mar Gnupisson, one of the blacksmiths took him in an raised him as a son of his own.

His childhood was like most of the children in Uddevella, playing most of the time as a younger child and pretending to be full grown warriors. ‘Borrowing’ his ‘fathers’ weapons to play with. He showed a lot of potential from a young age to be a good strong warrior. He also was slightly bigger than the other kids of his age. From an age of 6 he started to help Mac with his work. Mac on his turn started to teach him the art of the Blacksmith. Hoping that Svipday would someday be a blacksmith himself. But the boy didn’t show must interest in that. Though that didn’t stop Mac from teaching Svipday everything he knew and could do. Because the art of his work could help the boy grow as a warrior in many different ways. He also took him with him on his travels to sell his work and craftsmanship in other villages. Which awoken Svipday’s love to travel.

But Mac didn’t teach him the art of Blacksmith ship alone. Mac himself was a strong and well respected warrior and from the same age as he started Svipday make him help with his work. He started to teach him the art of fighting.  He wasn’t easy on his young son. But was proud to say that he developed himself fast. Svipday learned how to observe people and how to learn out of what he saw. What aided him in his development. At the age of 12 Svipday started to fight more serious with his playmates to only make his skills better. He also used the woods for training and soon knew every tree and path with his eyes closed. As his ‘father’ worked as a blacksmith. Svipday started to hunt for their food in the woods and he also took care of selling and delivering Mac’s work to his usual costumers or to strangers on the marked. Just because he felt he needed to help the man. As repayment for what he had done for him.

He was also always one of the first to join when a fight or rellies developed in the village our even outside. He loved to plunder and out of that grew his desire for fights.  One of the many treats he got from Mac.
The man had thought him how to be respectful. But as Mac always said. ‘You only have to have respect for those who respect you.’ That made sure Svipday developed a free thinking mind. Not afraid to say what he thought because it was his right to have a mind of his own. What made him look rude in some people’s eyes. But also earned him a lot of respect. Because of the blacksmiths tread Svipday got in contact with many different people. What made him open, towards people. Not shy or afraid to approach them.
Mac thought him how to be kind and righteous. But also not to let them use him.
He also got patients because of his lessons. To make the perfect steel you needed patients. But it was also a handy treat to have in battle. To see the right time to strike. Not to be too hot headed, because that could lead to a certain death.

At the age of 16 he decided to work in the Iron mines. Because he knew that way he could repay Mac for all what he had done for him. It were long working days, but well worth it as the payment wasn’t one he could be judge full of. Though most what he earned he gave to Mac. He didn’t mind working under ground or how hard it was. In fact he enjoyed it in many different way. In his free time though, he still gave Mac a hand when he went trading. Though he himself had no interest in being a blacksmith. He still wanted to have the chance to travel and the trade was a perfect excuse for that. He was content with being Iron miner and a warrior

He also joined more and more battels, getting higher into the ranks. Though he never really had the need to go up to high. When he was accepted as a Viking that was good enough for him. Though… His mind my change when he grows older or when the higher ups don’t do their job right anymore.

Till the day of today he’s still an iron worker. The only thing that really has changed is that he now has a home of his own and that Mac is urging him to find a woman of his own and start a family. But the fact is Svipday is still young and he still has all the time of the world to have all that one day. For now he enjoys his life as it is.  

• Faceclaim:
Brock O'Hurn

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Svipday Knútrsson Sun Jul 09, 2017 9:03 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Uddevalla

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Svipday Knútrsson
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