Arngeir Mordsonn

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Arngeir Mordsonn

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Arngeir Mordsson

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PostSubject: Arngeir Mordsonn Tue Jul 11, 2017 5:31 pm

Name: Arngeir
Last name: Mordsonn
Title: People call me many names, but a real Title I haven’t earned jet.
Age: 27 years.
Place of birth: Skagerrak
Place of residence: Kattegat
Military structure: Viking: What can I say, I like the thrill of the fight.
Social structure: Farmer, I quit enjoy being close to nature.
- Father: Mord Meldunsson
- Mother: Audhild Sigestaeldottir †
• Siblings: Austmathr Mordsson, My older brother.

Build: Muscular athletic.
Height: 1.82m
Weight: 75kg
Hair: Short dark brown / black hair
Beard: Mostly short cut.
Eyes: Blue

Arngeir is kind of a joker. Though most of his jokes and comments hold a hidden meaning. What some people get others don’t. But if they do or don’t doesn’t really matter to him. Though it’s always more fun if they do get it. The reactions are better that way. He also is someone who would rather mind his own business. At least if he can’t get something out of the situation. He’s a smooth talker and can make deals with almost everyone. Mostly using sly tricks and promises. What doesn’t make him too popular with those who didn’t benefit from those deals at all. But all in all he isn’t a bad person. He just likes to take himself first others next. This is different in battle though. On the battle field… You could say he is a total different person and someone you rather have fighting next to you then against you.

Arngeir Mordsonn Is the second son of Mord Meldunsson and Audhild Sigestaeldottir †. Both very proud farmers. His mother died after giving birth to him. Which didn’t turn out in his favour. His father Mord wasn’t happy with that at all. Blaming him for his wife’s birth. Seeing him as a murderer even if he tried to be proud of his son. He could never really set that thought out of his mind and kept his distance with him. So Arngeir can’t really say he knows his parents. His mother he only knows through the stories his older brother told him. And his father barely even looked or talked to him. So yes he has a father but to him it’s more of a stranger than anything. Which made his childhood not an easy one. Lucky for him his older brother Austmathr Mordsson decided to take care of him. Which made it a whole lot better than it would have been if his brother wouldn’t have been there. In fact it was his brother who thought him everything he knows. It was Austmathr that made sure that from an age of 5 Arngeir could take care of his own when he wasn’t around. It was Austmathr that thought him how to fight and use a weapon. How to work on the farm and do things right.

Arngeir and his brother obliviously grew very close. His brother was after all the only one he had. But that didn’t destroy the fact that Arngeir wanted his father approval. He of course didn’t know that his father blamed him for his mother’s death. So he trained hard to become stronger, to make his father proud. But year after year, whatever he did it didn’t matter. The man wouldn’t acknowledge him. Even when he at an age of 12 fought of an intruder that wanted to steal their horses. The man still didn’t want to acknowledge him. Only thing he got was a look as if what he told was a lie. Though that didn’t stop Arngeir to try and impress the man. So he started to participate in more and more rellies and raids. Growing even stronger in fighting skills. He also used his brains and tricks to make his father’s and brother’s work and his own on the farm easier. But nothing came…

He had become 20 and came back from a raid. The blood still on his clothes and hands as he returned home late at night. There was still a light on even though it was that late. When he entered his home he could see his father sitting beside the fire clenching some hair in his hand. Little did Arngeir knew it was his mother’s hair that he had kept all these years. Of course proud as he was and still wanting the approval of his father he directly started to talk about the raid. Proud to say how many people he had killed and how much ‘treasure’ he had been able to take back with him. His father looked at him and Arngeir thought he would finally get what he had been waiting for. But his father only had a kill and cold look in his eyes. The man even if he was proud deep down, believing that his son might be a chosen one of the gods with how his wife died bringing him in the world. The pain of losing her still was too much. “Born a murderer, always a murderer.” Was the only thing he said.

Something snapped in Arngeir hearing those worlds and of course he protested. Getting in a fight with his father. A fierce fight that ended when his brother came between both. But the fire in both their souls had been set. His father cursed him and told him to get out of his house. Arngeir on his time was finally letting out all the frustration of all those years and at that point he didn’t want to stay anymore. He turned and stormed out of the house. His brother followed him, saying their father would calm down. But that wasn’t good enough for Arngeir. He pushed of his brother and that was really the last time he has seen his family.

He travelled to Kattegat and made there his residence. Getting a farm of his own for a living. Day’s and month passed. In his heart he could feel the quilt. The quilt for leaving his family like that. Especially his brother. And as much as he wanted to return. He was afraid to do so. Afraid to face his brother and what he would do. Maybe one day he will return… Asking his brother for forgiveness. If it isn’t already too late for that.

Stephen Amell
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Arngeir Mordsonn Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:02 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Kattegat

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Arngeir Mordsonn
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