Vern Vidarsson

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Vern Vidarsson

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Vern Vidarsson

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Age : 23 Years.
Place of birth : Uddevalla

PostSubject: Vern Vidarsson Mon Jul 17, 2017 9:29 am

Name: Vern
Last name: Vidarsson
Title: People call me many names, but a real Title I haven’t earned jet.
Age: 22 years.
Place of birth: Uddevalla
Place of residence: Skagen
Rank: Farmer, At the moment it’s the best way for me to live.
- Father: Vidar Ingvarsson
- Mother: Hillevi Einarsdóttir †
Siblings: Vigdìs Vidarsdóttir
Build: Muscular athletic.
Height: 1.85m
Weight: 72kg
Hair: Long black hear, sometimes decorated with some breads pulled together.
Beard: Mostly short cut.
Eyes: Warm brown.
It was clear from a young age that the prince took more from his mother’s personality then his father. You could say he always has been a rabbit in the spring. Being enthusiastic without bounds and being up to everything. Carrying a smile wherever he went and wanting to share his happiness with those who surrounded him. Wanting to help people. Do something for them. Actually mean something. Though he has a happy go lucky personality most of the time. That doesn’t mean he isn’t someone you shouldn’t take serious. Because his fighting skills and the love for the art of war. He did get from his father. Just as his good looks. He will always enjoy a good fight. Though he would come over jokingly about it, just as always. He can be serious at times. When it counts.

Vern came into the world on a stormy night. Born into a royal family. That made sure he had a good home and would get everything he wanted and could dream of. Being a young prince he was promised to have a good life. But therefore it also meant that a lot of pressure was put on his shoulders from a very young age. He was the prince, the first born son of the king. Meaning that one day he would sit on his father’s throne and rule Uddevalla. His father and his men didn’t lose time in training him in everything he had to know. You could say that even if he had a good life, he never really got the chance to be a child. When other children had been playing, he would always have to do something else. Though he had of course some times that he was able to play alone. Mostly though because of his mother would let him go. Vern has always been very close to his mother. Didn’t mean he didn’t get along well with his father. But even if it was his father it was also his king and every time he looked at the man he got reminded what he once would have to do. What was all laying on his still small shoulders. His mother was a sweet fair maiden. A loving woman who cared much for the people. Who carried a beautiful smile everywhere she went. Vern clearly took all of that love for the people and even the smiling personality from his mother.
His life did seem to get some easier when his sister came in the world. He no longer was alone and he finally had someone who he could play with. Though as they both grew older the playing changed into fighting. And in his sister he found someone who was on his level in that matter.

Vern showed the same fighting skills as his father and did try to work to make the man proud. After all he did want to become a man that his father could be proud on. It wasn’t easy to please the man and it seemed he always had to do better. But it did not bother him, he was content with the things he did and when his mother told him he did a good job he would believe it. That didn’t stop him from trying to improve his own skills. He did love fighting, the art of it. He enjoyed it actually and not just when he was ‘playing’ against his sister. Whenever he got the chance to go raid with his father… It made him feel alive and made sure he started to learn more about the world beyond the walls that had protected him all those years. It made him realise that fighting was a way he could use to help people. To help his people and to make his home grow stronger and give it riches. What made him want to grow stronger so he could one day be the king he wanted to be. And so life went on, being the usual troubles once in a while. But never really something to be afraid of. Of something to worry about.

But that all changed that faithful day. Something happened that no one could have ever expected. How could day. It was treason… He had been sleeping peacefully as every night. But strange sounds had woken him up. Flames were burning outside the wall on the farms. The sound of the people rushing to go and put out the fire had woken him up. He got up and went to change in proper clothing when the sound of screams came to him. By reflex he took his weapons and rushed to the sound.  When he came to his father chamber his mother was nowhere to be found. The queen was gone. He still then had made a joke and told his father and his mother they would find her. Looking back at it he wasn’t completely sure if he was trying to reassure them or himself. It was later that night that they found his mother. But it wasn’t alright, she had been raped and murdered in a most brutal way.

It was something he couldn’t joke about. But also something he couldn’t stay sad about. As the happy go lucky guy he is… And as much as it hurt to lose his beloved mother that he loved so much. He believed that she was better off in Vahalla. Where she would be happy, feasting with the gods. That thought helped with the pain. Life went on. But it did change him in some ways. His trust he once had in people broke in a way. A trust that wouldn’t be able to be restored that easily. It didn’t make him not wanting to help people. But whenever he met someone, he couldn’t help but think in the back of his head if he could trust them. Because the fact was they didn’t know who killed his mother. It was treason.. From in or outside the walls. But someone.. One way or another.. Someone did let them inside. So he became more wary of people and was more careful who to trust. Even when he would still treat everyone equally with kindness and a smile only he could give you.

He could live with all that. But his heart broke ones more when he saw how the death of his mother affected his father. The man he once had looked up to. The king… the king he hoped that he would be some day. It was no longer the man he knew. The king he was. It was no longer his father. He was cold… Heartless and as time passed Vern started to wonder who the man was that was standing in front of him. Was it someone that he should be warry of? But not only the change of his father but what it did to Uddevalla… To the people was something he could no longer watch.

So he made a decision. He would leave this place and find his own. Because he could not live with this man anymore. He wanted to take his sister with him. But he also knew how close his sister was with their father. So one night he left out of the window of his room. Taking a horse and… Fleeing. Betraying his people and his father. His beloved sister. Was something that scared him deeply. He felt a pain he never felt before. But he knew he had to. Because he feared that he might someday become as his father and that was something he could not do. So he hoped that one day maybe, they could forgive him for what he had done. Though the chance was big that if his sister or his father found him. He would be killed.

His journey leaded him far away from his home. On the way he offered the horse to the gods. Asking them to forgive him as well and to give him strength on the way. Days he wandered till his feet carried him to Skagen. Where he decided to make a new life. As he got accepted into the village. He told everyone that he did not know who his father was. However he kept his name Vern. From then on he would be known as Vern Odinsson. He knew it was best to hide his true identity. Knowing it could be used against him and knowing that they would bring him back to that place for a pretty price. Something he had to avoid. So he became a farmer. A low rank from where he came from. But no one really payed attention to farmers so it was the perfect way to hide himself. And he couldn’t say he didn’t enjoy the life he was living now. By farming he could help people, mean something to them. He still trained every day. Not wanting to forget his fighting skills. Knowing that one day they might come in handy. Vern got his smile back as the time passed. Rumours reached his ear and the boy he once was. Vern Vidarsson, the prince became known as the lost prince.

But to him that meant nothing anymore. He was just Vern Odinsson the farmer from Skagen now.

Aiden Turner
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PostSubject: Re: Vern Vidarsson Tue Jul 18, 2017 9:29 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

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Vern Vidarsson
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