Harvest Feast

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Harvest Feast

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Harvest Feast Mon Aug 14, 2017 1:49 pm


Harvest Feast

It was a good year, the gods gifted many farmers and villagers a good harvest. The sheds are filled with enough food to go through the upcoming winter. There was enough animal birth to provide the villages with enough meat … the gods were generous. And for that there needs to be a celebration. Queen Aslaug celebrates this good summer with a feast, inviting people from all kinds of villages or kingdoms. This feast will happen in the great hall, people can give the gods a sacrifice of there choosing. There will be ale, music, food and plenty of company to get through the night. You can dance, drink, pray to the gods for an equally good winter. Accompanied by Ragnar his sons, this will maybe the night to never forget.

In next few days there will be appear a board (The harvest Feast) underneath the sub fora; The great Hall, this board will be only used for topics around this event. Janne will make this board and will post the first topic with Björn, which will be an open group topic for everybody to attend in. If you rather have a topic on your own that offcourse can. Before posting you have to make some travel plans, if your character lives in Kattegat it isn’t any problem, comes your character from another village you have to send in your travel plans. Only than you can attend the feast.
To give a short overview:
- Make your travel plans here
- You can’t post until the first feast post is placed by Janne with Björn
- Warning: You are in Kattegat on invitation of Queen Aslaug. There is an understanding of trust, so don't try to provoke her, the Ragnarssons or any other Viking or you'll become an offer yourself.
- You can sacrifice something to the gods, animal, gifs, no humans

Enjoy the feast,
Jennifer and Janne

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Harvest Feast
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