Ylva Halvorsdóttir

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Ylva Halvorsdóttir

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Ylva Halvorsdóttir

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Age : 17
Place of birth : SKAGEN

PostSubject: Ylva Halvorsdóttir Tue Aug 29, 2017 8:31 pm

• Name:Ylva
• Last name:Halvorsdóttir
• Title:I will never hold a title
• Age:16
• Place of birth: Skagen
• Place of residence:Skagen
• Rank:Villager
• Personality:
   ⇢Great Traits-Curious,Enthusiastic, and Determined
   ⇢ Bad Traits -foolish, irresponsible, and obsessive
   ⇢ Likes- Water, horses, dogs, sweets
   ⇢ Dislikes-Being blind,Mud, yelling, crowded areas
• Appareance:
   ⇢ Skin tone: Tan
   ⇢ Hair color: Brown
   ⇢ Hair style: wavy and long
   ⇢Eye color: light blue, almost white
   ⇢ Height: 5'15
   ⇢ Weight: 110lb
   ⇢ Build: Lean
   ⇢ Tattoos: none
• Parents:
   ⇢ Mother Hege, Odinsdóttir
   ⇢ Father Halvor Tarbenson
• Siblings:None

• History:
The way Ylva had been brought into the world had not been very pleasant. Her mother had been a slave that her father had brought back with him after a raid that he ended up getting pregnant with his child. He had no love for her mother at all but decided he would claim the child as his own. That was before Ylva had been born of corse, before he knew what would be wrong with her. Her mother had a very hard time with her pregnancy, and a even harder time with her birth. So it wasn't much of a shock when she ended up passing away shortly after bringing her child into the world.What had been the shock however was that Ylva had been born blind. Her father had been furious at first and refused to go near her, leaving her with slaves to take care of her. The only time he was around his child was to publicly claim her as his own, as he promised her mother he would.

After three months of his daughter being around, then did her father finally come to see her. He had stormed into the room and taken Ylva into his arms and held her for the first time. The servants had been worried that he was going to kill her, but he leaned down and kissed Ylva's head instead. From that moment on he treated her with love, and not the distain he had in the past. He wasn't happy having a blind child, but she was still his child and it wasn't her fault. So he decided he would find ways to make things easy for her. He bought a dog and started to train it to lead his daughter around. It look many years, but the dog was able to lead her around most areas as long as she held onto the rope attached to its neck. However in crowded areas the dog would still become confused, leading to Ylva to get lost sometimes.

As she got older, Ylva started to hate herself. She thought of herself as nothing but a problem for her father. Not only did she kill her mother to come into this wold, but she also couldn't do anything without him or her dog Hálogi. People also treated her strangely, some people would act as if she were deaf as well as blind and talk about how useless she was when she was right there. Others would try to bend over backwards to do anything and everything for her. Ylva didn't like either of those types of people. She likes people who were kind, but also didn't treat her like she was a broken idiot. In her few years of life she had been able to memorize her entire village and some of the surrounding areas too. She could make it to the the manor and back without her father and dog as well. Liking to sometimes pretend to be normal, those were the days her father would be the most mad. Telling her she was risking too much trying to be something she never will be. Even though her father loved her, he was not easy with his punishments. Sometimes even cruel in the way he handled his child.

Now at the age of sixteen Ylva longs for her father to take her traveling, so she may visit other villages. Maybe she could even meet a man that would want a blind women for a wife, but most likely not. The other girls her age make sure to remind her of that all the time.That a strong viking man doesn't want a weak blind girl.Her father says he has a boy her age in mind, but wont say who. Things are also different in Skagen too, there is a new Earl ,Halfdan the black had taken over and she worried he would dislike her being around, but so far his people we nothing but kind to her. Her father was worried as well, he had been one of the Radningar for the old earl. Now he was moved down to a simple Viking. One who refused to go on raids, but also made sure not to angry Halfdan, in fear of being killed or something happening to his family. Ylva offended worried he would do something to get them killed.

• Faceclaim:Aly michalka

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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Ylva Halvorsdóttir Thu Aug 31, 2017 2:28 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen


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Ylva Halvorsdóttir
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