Hilde Odinsdóttir

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Hilde Odinsdóttir

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Hilde Odinsdóttir

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Title : Venomous
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PostSubject: Hilde Odinsdóttir Sun Sep 03, 2017 8:36 pm

  Name: Hilde
  Last name: Odinsdóttir
  Title: Venomous

She was given this title by Bryrja, a Valkyrie who found her in the forest, surrounded by serpents.
The infant was never touched by them, as if they were scared of her, or even worshipped her.

  Age: 19 years old

  Father: Uknown
  Mother: Uknown
  Siblings: None
 Others: Bryrja †

  Place of birth: Uddevalla
  Place of residence: Kattegat
  Rank: Thegn
Hilde has two sides of her.
The first one, the one that she shows constantly, is quiet and distant. She doesn't trust people easily because of what she's been through. It is like she usually wears a mask of stiffness and indifference.
The girl only shows her true self to people who she knows she can trust and to people who she's comfortable with. Hilde can be really funny and outgoing, her smile can almost bright up the air. The only person whom she showed this side of her is Bryrja.

  Hair: Dark blonde
  Hairstyle: Usually left falling down her shoulders, almost never braided
  Eyes: Grey-ish light blue, they look green within a certain type of lightning
  Particular signs: She has a huge tattoo, representing a snake on her left thigh and hip
  Faceclaim: Gigi Hadid

The circumstances of Hilde's birth are uncertain. Her parents - maybe just one of them - abandoned her in a forest in Ubbevalla with nothing but a lenght of cloth wrapped around her body. It was very easy for parents to get rid of unwanted child in Ubbevalla. The forest was filled with dangerous and wild animals, it was impossible for newborn children to survive, they usually died after few hours.
As expected, few hours after Hilde was left in the woods, the first snake showed up and slithered straight to the helpless infant lying on the ground, but despite of what the natural laws would say about the snake's behavior, he didn't attack the girl. An undetermined time passed, and the only thing that changed the little girl's situation was that the snake wasn't just one; different snakes were resting over and around the infant, who was completely at ease.
Hilde was found in that exact spot by Bryrja, a Valkyrie who lived in a small house outside the kingdom, near to the forest. She thought that the fact that the baby wasn't killed by the serpents was a sign of the Gods, who obviously wanted her to stay alive. She was a gift from the Gods, she was supposed to live and Bryrja was supposed to find her and bring her home.

Hilde grew up with Bryrja, listening to the stories of her battles and stories of the Gods. At a young age, she already knew that she wanted to be like the Bryrja, whom was like a real mother to the girl. The Valkyrie taught Hilde how to craft and how to fight and as time passed, she became stronger.
Her happy life didn't last that long, due to Bryrja's death. The dearest person Hilde had, died and left her alone and the girl needed to carry on with her life without anyone's help.

She knew she had to change her life and she was determined to do so: she wanted to fight and she was more than ready for it, but she couldn't do it in Uddevalla. The kingdom was big, but also isolated and difficult to reach or leave. In addition, people in Uddevalla didn't know about her existence because she lived far away from the other villagers and she knew that it was impossible for her to fight in foreign countries, like Bryrja, did if she stayed there.
Hilde started thinking of a plan to get away from Uddevalla to wherever the Gods wanted her to go, because she knew it was her destiny.
Before living her home to fullfill her destiny, she decided to tattoo herself with a huge snake on her left thigh and hip, honoring Bryrja's memory and the title she gave her.
She was able to leave Uddevalla by sneaking on a boat of traders, not knowing what their destination was. Fortunately, no one asked her anything so she was able to reach Kattegat without any problem. Once she arrived in this whole new place, where her new life was going to start, she understood that it wasn't that easy, because if she wanted to take part in raids and wars, she had to prove herself in front of the higher ranked warriors.
She started as a Frú, but soon she got the rank of Thegn, thanks to Bryrja's training, which helped her getting the skills required for her to take part in fights.
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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Hilde Odinsdóttir Mon Sep 04, 2017 5:43 pm

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You are now a proud citizen of Kattegat


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Hilde Odinsdóttir
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