Song of the past (Open)

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Song of the past (Open)

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PostSubject: Song of the past (Open) Mon Sep 04, 2017 6:59 pm

“The world was young the mountains green, no stain yet on the moon was seen.
No words were laid on stream or stone, when Odin woke and walked alone.
He named the nameless hills and dells, He drank from yet untasted wells.
He stooped and looked in mirrormere, and saw a crown of stars appear.
As gems upon a silver thread, above the shadows of his head.
The world was fair, the mountains tall, in elder days before the fall.
Of Mighty kinds on earth and Valhalla that’s beyond.
The western seas have passed away, The world was fair in Odin’s day.
A king he was on carven throne, in many-pillared halls of stone,
With golden roof and silver floor and runes of power upon the door.
The light of sun and star and moon, in shining lamps of crystal hewn.
Undimmed by cloud or shade of night, there shone forever fair and bright.
The hammer on the anvil smote, the chisel clove, and graver wrote.
There forged was blade, and bound was hilt,
The delver mined, the mason built.
There beryl, pearl and opal pale and metal wrought like fishes’ mail.
Buckler and crosslet, axe and sword and shining spears were laid in hoard.
Unwearied then were Odin’s fold, beneath the mountains music woke.
The harpers harped, the minstrels sang, and at the gates the horns rang.
The world is grey, the mountains old.
The forge’s fire is ashen-cold,
No harp I wrung,
No hammer falls…
The darkness dwells in… Odin’s halls.
The shadow lies upon his tomb.
But still the sunken stars appears, in dark and windless mirrormere,
There lies his crown in water deep, until Odin wakes again from sleep.”
The song he sang had started of strong, till he came closer to the end and his voice changed into a whisper. Sitting between the long grass of the dunes he stared over the sea as he sang the song his mother had once thought him. It was filled with memories and here deep hidden away between the sand and long grass as the sun was sinking into the sea. He thought it was safe to sing it one more time all on his own. The memories were happy ones of course. But then… The song did remind him of his father. And even though he had hated the thought of his father as the man he had become. On days like these he missed his home… He missed his mother. Though he was sure she was happy in Valhalla drinking and feasting with the gods. He missed his sister… he wondered how much she had grown in these last years and how beautiful she had become. He was sure that by now she was a far stronger warrior then when he had left. He missed their training together and all those happy crazy memories. The stupid things they had done. The thought of those made a smile appear on his lips as he brought his knees to his chest and warped his arms around them. Resting his chin on them as well. Closing his eyes at the thought of his father. On days like these he regretted running away like a coward. But who could tell what way was bravery or hide? In his mind he had still made the right choice. But that did not chance the fact that he still loved and respected the man dearly. And still there was this pinning pain in his chest, the hate and anger towards the person he had left behind.
Maybe by now he should forget about his past and start looking at the future.

After all he now had a new life. He had found a new family. Haskell and his parents were dear to him. Haskell had become the older brother he never had and his parents… Well he loved those people as his own parents. So kind and caring towards him. They had made sure his stay here become much lighter and he had been able to open up his heart again. Though he still felt heavy inside with all the secrets he had to keep. It was a heavy burden on him, but one he was willing to carry. And here he had come ones again on his own to pray to the gods to protect his old and his new family. He prayed that he might see his sister and even father again. Hoping they would not kill him of course. Though the chance of him ending up dead if they ever found him was high. At least in his mind. He was troubled because of that thought. What would he do if he ever came across them again? Only the gods new what would happen then.
For now however he did not have to worry about that. He would enjoy the view of the sun sinking in the sea and the fresh ear the wind brought. It calming him especially with the feeling of the long grass tickling his cheek. As if it was trying to distract him from his own thoughts. It made him smile and remember all the silly things he had planned for the coming winter and for Haskell when he returned home again.

[@ Everyone who's willing to answer. ;) ]
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Song of the past (Open)
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