Asny Asvardóttir

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Asny Asvardóttir

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Asny Asvardóttir

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Title : Blood wolf
Age : 18 years
Place of birth : Skagerrak

PostSubject: Asny Asvardóttir Tue Sep 05, 2017 2:14 pm

Name: Asny
Last name: Asvardottir
Title: blood wolf
Age: 17 years.
Place of birth: Skagerrak
Place of residence: Skagerrak
Military structure: Thegn

- Father: Asvar Skorrisson †
- Mother: Drifa Skœdirdottir †
- Skuld Asvarsson †
- Gudbjorg Asvardottir †

Build: Slim, flexible.
Height: 158cm
Weight: 47kg
Hair: Half long brown hair
Eyes: Grey blue eyes
Extra: Tattoo of a wolf from her arm to her shoulder [back]

Asny is a complicated person. She’s friendly in some way towards the people she trusts and considers friends. But those people are rare. Much more then that she’s closed up and as an angry wolf she‘s not afraid to speak her mind or bite towards those who annoy her. She’s a very dedicated person towards the things she wants and want to achieve. She’s also very dedicated to the gods and can be a dangerous person to be with if she things someone does not do as the gods would have wanted it to happen. She’s also a very patient person what makes her even more dangerous as those who she want dead will end up dead eventually and never will know when, how or where it will happen.
She’s smart and sly and likes to make games of situations, thinking of all the possible things that could happen or what she could make happen. She has a love for blood and peoples suffering as she believes that if they suffer that much it is because they deserve it. She also likes to play with people’s minds, looking how far she can go till they break or do something they wouldn’t have done without what she has said. Though they wouldn’t realise she planted the idea in their heads.

Asny is the youngest daughter of Asvar Skorrisson † and Drifa Skœdirdottir †. She has an older brother Skuld Asvarsson † and an older sister Gudbjorg Asvardottir †.
You could say that up till a year of 7. Asny had a normal youth. Playing with the other kinds and being taken care off. Nothing to worry about. Though one thing that might be different was the strong dedication her father and mother had towards the gods and the strong warriors they were. Her older brother and sister had followed in their food steps as well and from a young age Asny had the same dream to become a strong warrior. However her life took another turn then she had anticipated.

One night their home got attacked out of nowhere, from outside flames licked the wood as it started to scream. She and her family woke up in a house filled with smoke and in panic they tried to find a way out. But the front was blocked and they had do break their way though. Her father and mother broke down part of the door and crawled out as she and her siblings were supposed to follow. But her father and mother got attacked and ingaged in a fight. Her brother then bad grabbed her and her sister and dragged them to the back where he broke down part of the ground, a whole just big enough for Asny to fit in. She could fit in and crawled through the dirt till she found a way out. Crawling like a snake out of a whole she pushed her way up from under the side of the house. Just as she had been able to stand up again and turned to see if her brother and sister would follow her eyes fell on the burning hell her house had become. She could hear the fighting screams of her father and mother and she could see them slightly through the smoke. She was going to scream to them as her voice was stopped by the sound of the house falling apart and her heart broke in pieces realising her brother and sister had not gotten out. She could hear her sister dying screams mixing with the hopeless shouts of her brother. The sound of her mother screaming had then gotten through and as she turned she could see how her mother had been pierced through. Like she was now a chicken on a stick. As she wanted to run to her mother her arm was grabbed by her father who pushed her away towards the forest and told her to run. As she struggled if she had to listen and to tell him she could help he threw a rock to her screaming to her she had to leave and in shock she ran as hard and as far she could. She ran till she fell and passed out on her own.

When she woke up she didn’t know how much time had passed or where she was. So she started to wander around till eventually she came to the ashes of her house and the burned bodies of her mother and father. Black as coal they laid there with silent screams clear on their faces. She did not bother to look for her sister or brother in the wreck that her former house had become. It seemed that she had been stripped from everything she ever had cared from. Mad and sad as she was she blamed the gods, screaming to the sky that it wasn’t fair, that they had done everything to please them so why did they have to die? Days passed as she kept sitting in front of her former house, clearing her mind. And suddenly it had become clear to her. That it was not the gods but those peoples fault. She did not know why her parents and siblings had been killed in such way. Was it Jealousy? Did it even have a reason? It didn’t matter to her anymore. She would get her revenge.

So the young girl started to live on her own. She found a place in the forest that she made her home. A place in an old hollow three invisible for the naked eyes. To get to her meals she hunted and fished, made traps. All from plants and wood. It was not easy and especially the winters were cold and hard to survive. But eventually her whole had become a home and she adapted to the life. So years passed and she became skilful with the sword and axe. Training every day, with revenge in her mind. As in all these years she had not only been able to survive. But she had gathered information about the people that had killed her family.
And one fateful night she went with a stolen sword and axe she crawled in the home of the human beings that have stripped her from her life. In the shadows she laid in wait. Till they were drunk enough and in the silence of the night she slaughter them. Blood flew around till she was drenched in it. She left one of the men alive long enough to tell him who she was and what she had come for. ”Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are never safe.” She said and in his horror the man called her a blood wolf. A bloody wolf. She thought it was a fitting name and she took it as her title. ”I am the blood wolf.” She would tell anyone who dared to ask her who she was.

In the years after the slaughter she felt hunger for blood. And every little excuse for it was good enough for her, if the gods wanted it so. She worked herself up in the ranks as she is still very determined to become a shield maiden. But an empty feeling has also gotten hold of her as she is looking for someone to belong too, something to belong to. Someone to follow and fight for. Someone she could follow. Though she finds most people useless, mindless and stupid, nothing more but cattle. But she would swear fealty to someone she deems worthy. She travels around a lot to find something interesting, something to do, so that she does not get bored. Or maybe hoping to find that one person she’s looking for. But would she ever be able to fill that empty spot and get rid of her hunger for blood?

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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Asny Asvardóttir Tue Sep 05, 2017 6:00 pm

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Asny Asvardóttir
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