Gerolf Kollison

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Gerolf Kollison

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Gerolf Hagensson

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Title :
Age : 27
Place of birth : Skagerrak

PostSubject: Gerolf Kollison Sun Sep 17, 2017 1:37 am

• Name:Gerolf
• Last name: Hagensson
• Title: No title as of yet
• Age: 27
• Place of birth: Skagerrak
• Place of residence: Skagerrak
• Rank: Viking
• Personality:
          → Great Traits Fearless , Intelligent, Logical
          → Bad Traits deceitful, impulsive , obsessive
          → Likes Blood, death, thunder, raids
          → Dislikes Tears, weakness, lies , losing
• Appareance:
          → Skin tone: Pale
          → Hair color: Brown
          → Hair style: short curly
          → Eye color: Blue
          → Height: 6'0
          → Weight: 130lb
          → Build: tone
          → Tattoos: None

• Parents:
          → Father: Hagen Njordsson †
          →Mother: Skadi Baldursdóttir †
• Siblings: Kettil Hagensson
• History: Gerolf had been born to a Viking and Shield maiden that fell in love while on a raid. His mother had gotten pregnant, and gave birth shortly after they had returned from their journey. His parents finally married on his first birthday as a way to include him on the festivities. They were very much in love and he was given a brother shortly before he turned four years old. A brother that he was very protective over most of his life. His mother and father both held off on going on raids until Gerolf turned ten, and was thought to be old enough to watch Kettil and protect their small farm.Gerolf wished they had never gone back to raiding, for his mother was struck down and killed by the enemy. This forever changed his father and the dynamic of his home life. His father became an angry drunk. His father would beat him and his brother every night.

Gerolf started training to become stronger, to be able to protect Kettil and himself from their father. As he got older, he got stronger and stronger.  So that at the age of sixteen he challenged his father. Killing him and permanently getting rid of the man he had grown to hate. Killing his own father changed something in Gerolf. He became obsessed with the feeling it gave him. The power he felt taking a life and watching the life leave the persons eyes. It gave him a thrill that nothing else in the world could. So because of this he trained everyday and became a Viking by the age of nineteen.

Going on every raid he could. Killing anyone in his path. Raping every women he decided he wanted to take for his own. Killing most of them once he was done. Most Vikings grew to fear his rage. To fear his unpredictable nature, and to fear his over the top love of death. He gave most of his treasures to Kettil, to help keep the farm up and running. Making sure to help take care of things when he was home from raids. He did his best to keep Kettil a simple farmer. Even if that meant he had to use manipulation tactics on him. Not wanting him to see the side that he kept hidden from him. Wanting to keep him from knowing the monster he had become. Forever wanting to keep that one person safe, like he had wanted to as a child. However his brother was the only one safe from his rage, and love of death. That is as long as he was good and listened to him, and didn't disobey.

Now at the ripe age of twenty-seven Gerolf wants to find a wife to have his children. Someone who could maybe love his rage. If not someone he can control and demand would work just fine too. If he has to take a wife by force then so be it, it matters not to him. Maybe while he was at it he would find Kettil a bride as well. Someone he could love and could love him back. Always wanting the best for his baby brother.

• Faceclaim: Richard Madden
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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Gerolf Kollison Sun Sep 17, 2017 7:21 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagerrak


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Gerolf Kollison
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