05. Titles

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05. Titles

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PostSubject: 05. Titles Thu May 11, 2017 2:35 pm


A walkthrough the world of RPG

Besides from a rank, your character is also able to gain a title. Make sure you don't confuse these two terms. They have some things in common, but are also very different. You can compare a title with some kind of nickname, a name you gain during your life because of something you have done. It's the same in this RPG. Your character can gain a title from something important that he or she has done.

Example: Björn Ragnarsson has gained the title 'Ironside' from his father because no axe, spear or blade was able to touch him during battle.

So in this RPG your character is able to gain a title from something he or she did. This is decided by yourself or your fellow players while you are writing. Titles are not obligated, so you are free to use one, but also free to keep the name of your character 'clean'. In this topic you can see all the titles that other characters have gained and you can also claim your own title here. Characters from all the different ranks are able to gain a title.

Beware: A title will cost you points. You earn these points in the RPG, more information you can find here
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05. Titles
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