Redra Thorstensdóttir

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Redra Thorstensdóttir

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Redra Thorstensdóttir

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PostSubject: Redra Thorstensdóttir Sun Sep 17, 2017 8:15 pm

Name: Redra
Last Name: Thorstensdóttir
Title: None
Age: 19 years old

Father: Thorsten Sigewulfsson †
Mother: Sigrunn Audunsdóttir †
Siblings: Brynja Thorstensdóttir, twin sister

Place of birth: Uddevalla
Place of residence: Uddevalla
Rank: Farmer. She and her sister grows medicinal herbs and plants in their little farm. They use them to heal minor ailments and they're pretty skilled. Sometimes they work as midwives.

Redra is the definition of sunshine. She's really bright and outgoing, people trust her easily because she immediately shows that her ultimate goal is to help and protect people. She probably trusts the others too easily, but she relies a lot on her twin sister Brynja, who's always there to give her the right advices, with her cold mind.
Redra loves to be with people, she seems to have lots of friends, but most of them end up using her, that's why her heart was broken different times. She can't help it but being a bit too much flirtatious sometimes, but everything she does is done with a childish innocence, which is one of the first things people notice in her.
Unlike Bryrja, she learned everything she knows about healing the wounded from her, but she the Gods gave her the skill of healing sicknesses that anyone else can't even understand.

Redra and Brynja are not identical twins. She's a little bit taller than her sister, her face is squared and sharper than her sister's, with bright teal eyes, that shines with the light. The two twins have pretty similar hair, being dark and wavy and Redra loves to braid one or two braids in the front of her scalp, leaving the rest hanging on her shoulders.

The mother of the twins, died in childbirth. The labor was pretty harsh on her, not knowing that she was going to give birth to two children. Redra is the youngest among the two girls and she was born screaming and crying, unlike her sister. Her father thought Brynja was born dead, so he was relieved by the fact that Redra instantly showed signs of being alive.
The two sisters grew up raised by their father who died because of a unkown ailments. When Thorsten,
their father, got sick, Redra was almost pushed by force into creating medicines with herbs. It was like a higher power was pushing her towards that direction and she could only follow the instructions these voices gave her. Unfortunately, their father passed away and even if she doesn't show it, Redra feels a little bit responsible for not being able to save him.
During her childhood, Redra started having strange dreams. They weren't scary, but they just didn't make sense and always left the girl with a lots of thoughts on what they could mean. Perhaps, the Gods wanted to tell her something, but these dreams were just too confused to actually say something to the girl. It was when her twin sister started having nightmares that looked like the opposite as her dreams, that Redra understood that the Gods gifted the twins with huge gifts, but the girls weren't able to use them at their fullest.
After their father's death, Redra and Brynja took the farm that once belonged to their father and started growing herbs and plants that they would use in their healing sessions. They live selling the products they draw from the farm and helping the sick and injuried.
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Redra Thorstensdóttir Sat Oct 14, 2017 1:23 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Uddevalla

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Redra Thorstensdóttir
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