Only the old onces can suffer [OPEN]

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Only the old onces can suffer [OPEN]

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Gunnvor Skaeringsdóttir

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PostSubject: Only the old onces can suffer [OPEN] Mon Sep 18, 2017 7:54 pm

There's a little bit of devil in the way she looks

It was different, it was a long time ago that Gunnvor was alone like this, without her husband, without her son. Both Rigas and Freyr sailed together to attend a Harvest Feast in Kattegat. Gunnvor was a woman that saw the bad in every little corner, she didn’t want to leave Skagerrak alone and certainly didn’t want to join the feast to get … distracted, or feel temped to do things in her craving for vengeance. She knew Kattegat had a strong alliance with King Harald, the one that helped overthrowing her home. For that Gunnvor stayed put with a big part of the military force that Skagerrak had while her thoughts floated towards her son and husband. They would maybe bring information home, new alliances. Freyr would maybe make new friends from other villages while Rigas would overpower and state his claim of Skagerrak, making nobody guess his rule. A small smile spread over her lips as she pushed herself away of the throne that stood in the great hall. The dress she wore, a strong gold silver chest part, detailed with the red that slipped from the little platform as she walked towards the door leading outside the great hall.

The wind blow the soft first autumn breeze, her black hair softly following it before it laid down as the wind did to. Her distinct light green eyes stroke over the people, they bow, nodded, praised her with her name before walking on. Gunnvor came over as a very stern woman, always that serious glimpse in her eyes, like you could read the many ways she could kill you in her eyes. But often she was only that so nobody would make the mistake undermining her. Who knew her knew that she wasn’t all that cold and distant. But she was the leader now, as long as  Rigas was away she had rule here and  the people knew that, keeping more at distant because they knew … Gunnvor was keen at ruling and she was merciless on those crossing the rules. Her eyes rested on a little girl, tumbling with her baskets of apples in the mud. Children were her weak spot, she wanted to make a fighter out of everybody. Gunnvor walked from the stairs and crouched down beside the little girl who grasped her apples back together. ‘Who is your master?’ She asked, guessing by the outfit she had to be a slave girl, or at least somebody was treating her wrong. ‘My father is,’ she muttered, following with a name. Gunnvor nodded, placing the last apple in the basket before looking back to the little child. ‘Go now, we will meet again.’ She whispered, helping the little child up so she could be on her way. She nodded to one of her guards who rushed over to the child and helped her carry the weight no child should ever carry around. When she stood up she found a lost apple hidden in the cracks of her dress. She took it from the ground, rolled it between her fingers while she looked at it, but that wasn’t the only thing she looked it. Something, somebody caught her attention …

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Asny Asvardóttir

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PostSubject: Re: Only the old onces can suffer [OPEN] Mon Oct 02, 2017 7:34 am

It had become that time of the year again. Where the leaves coloured bright red, before falling and rotting away on the ground. Leaving the trees naked, empty. It would give a ghostly feeling to the land. Especially in winter where everything was covered in layers of snow. But what beauty it held. She loved the fall, for its blood colours. But she loved the winter more because everything was exposed and even though most animals sat stuck away in there layers, going through winter in their sleep. Those who didn’t were easy prey. But that wasn’t for now yet, unfortuneally she had to wait a few more weeks before that would come. And now she was walking through the dirty streets of the city, with game dangling on her side. She would trade her catches for things she needed. Things she needed so she could survive coming winter. It was true that she had gotten quite used to the cold days, even though it was hard to stay warm in her tree. But there were ways to make it work. She came early as always, hoping that there wouldn’t be to many people around jet. And it seemed she was in luck.

She made her way to the one man she knew that would trade with her. He wasn’t officially someone who had a real job. In fact he was just a villager and had to live of what he got. Mostly scraps. But it seemed he had found a hobby in collecting all kinds of things. Ropes, cloths, fur, weaponry, tools. She would not question how he got his collection. Probably stolen, but who was she to complain about that? As the man said he once borrowed it and they never came back for it. She liked the sound of that better. It was the truth only in his own way. You could say she had built up some kind of relationship with the man. Only was it strictly just for what they wanted. She did some things for him and he did things for her. Mutual understanding as one would say. She made her way over to his house, and as always he was in the back, doing god knows what. Again she would not question it. Only thing she might question was why a thief like him would live so close to the manor. She once asked and he had only grinned.

”Old man.” She called out as she walked closer and leaned her arms against the almost completely rotten would of the fence he had made around the back of his home. She waited patiently for him to react. As always he turned around and stared at her for a while before he groaned and stood up, making his way over. ‘That time of the year again huh.’ He said before spitting on the ground and looking over her with his once blue eyes that now had turned grey. She wondered if he was actually going blind or not. ‘You’ve grown smaller.’ He said with a laugh. She did not react to it and only frowned a bit. ”I need the usual.” Coming to business immediately. He gave her a soar look and held out his hand. ‘Then I want my payment.’
She took a light step back, not being comfortable with him coming to close. Just like she wanted no one too close. Not when they made the first move at least. But with him, she had learned to be careful. She narrowed her eyes a bit. Letting out a light of course and took the game from her side. Three rabbits from a good size, 2 pheasant, and three rats.
A catch that any other villagers might be very happy with. But the man crossed his arms. ‘Is that all you could get me?’

She shot him a deadly glare, before she smirked and put the gamble back on her side. Shrugging. ”If you don’t want it old man, then I will give it to someone else.” She wouldn’t let him gamble with her. There were enough people she could go too for the things she needed. Ad if the man wasn’t happy with what she had to offer, then it was his loss not hers. She rather feet these dead rats to the picks than give it to him with that attitude. He groaned and turned around. ‘Place it down, I will get what you need.’ And with that he disappeared into his home.
She placed her catch on the fence and waited patiently for him to return, with a bag that was half her size. He threw it over the fence in the mud, taking the game. Before waving her of. ‘Now go, I’ve seen enough of your ugly face.’ She shot him a fake smile. ”Always a pleasure doing business with you old man.” She took up the back and threw it over her shoulder. As she did she got the feeling someone was watching and as she turned a bit to look who it was. She saw no other than Gunnvor, countess of Skagerrak. Seeing as she was surrounded by her guards, it seemed as if she was out for an early walk. Asny frowned lightly. As if guards could help save her when someone really wanted her dead.
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Only the old onces can suffer [OPEN]
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