Sithric Leifsson

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Sithric Leifsson

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Sithric Leifsson

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Age : 36
Place of birth : Skagen

PostSubject: Sithric Leifsson Tue Sep 19, 2017 10:34 pm

Name Sithric
Last name Leifsson
Age 36
Place of birth Skagen
Place of residence Skagen
Rank Boat builder
Title None

Father Leif Raynorsson Deceased
Mother Gunnhild Halvardsdóttir Deceased
Siblings 1 younger brother

Hair style Midlong, wavy
Hair colour Brown
Beard Short brown beard
Skin Pale
Eye colour Light blue
Height 1m83
Weight 82kg
Build Well build, is muscled but nothing overexaggerated
Tattoos Multiple runes on his back

Good traits Smart – Fearless – Determined – Fierce – Loyal – Carefull
Bad traits Strongheaded  - Restless – Aggressive – Sly  - Brutal – Jealous –
Likes Raiding - Fighting – Building boats – Ale – Food
DislikesPeople who don’t notice his skill – Annoying little brats – Defeat – Ideas that fail
Skills Building boats, hand to hand combat, sword fighting

Sithric is the eldest son of Leif and Gunnhild. His father felt blessed with a son as his first born, as his heir. Leif was known in the region of Skagen as one of the best boat builders, a skill that he passed on to Sithric. Gunnhild was a shield maiden and went together with her husband on a few raids when they were younger. So from a young age Sithric was thought how to fight, both his parents found it extremely important that he learned how to use all kinds of weapons so they mastered him in it. During his younger years Sithric felt held back, the Vikings amongst him went raiding and he had to stay behind. The little boy wanted to fight, he wanted to see the world and gain glory as his mother. He was around eight years old when the first raids where sent out, a little bit too young his parents thought eventho the youngster could already fight like his mother. But he stayed behind, his parents left and he started on building new boats. Collected all the materials he needed to complete one. By the time the raiders came back, he finished his first boat ever on his own. Leif couldn’t be any prouder of his son.

A few years later another son of Leif was born. Not that it mattered for Sithric, he was too invested in his own life. People started to talk about him and his skillset and after he sworn his loyalty to Skaering and his family his world really opened up. After that moment the young one started to raid together with his family. His first raid was the most important one since Sithric hadn’t killed any real enemy in battle. But the boy succeeded. Not only did he do that, but he was also used by the earl to gain intelligence from their enemy’s. Something that was completely new for the 16 year old, but he passed the test.

Around the age of 18, his parents told him to leave Skagen for a while, as if they saw the events up ahead coming. He was as stubborn as both of his parents and wanted to stay, to build further and to stay together with his family and friends. Sithric had built up quit a group of friend over the years, due to training together with them , drinking and raiding. But his parents kept persuading him to go, so eventually he went away to the forest.  After a few weeks in the wild he returned to Skagen. The news of the events that happened there shocked him, he began looking for his parents and his brother but off course he couldn’t find them. When he reached his building ground, the people who took over his town captured him and sent him to the new earls. Two brothers, Harald and Halfdan. Names that were famous around here, Vikings that fought together with Ragnar. But most of all the two persons that killed his earl, and probably his family too. Off course Sithric became aggressive, didn’t want to come along with them. He started fighting those who were sent to get him. Defeated them all, killed a few before he was forced to stop by one of the brothers themselves. He was brought to the manor and there everything started for him. It took a while for the two brothers to come to the conclusion that they would keep him around. Mostly because that they knew his father and his skillset and had heard talk about him having the same skills. He wasn’t asked to pledge allegiance to the new earl. Nothing abnormal. But in the first few months he was kept under very close surveillance, to see if he wasn’t actually a traitor working for Gunnvor. The villagers told him she was supposed to be alive, a great thing.

Years passed, but Sithric got in contact with Gunnvor while sailing to Skaggerak. She told him of her plans and he fully supported her. His loyalty never shifted while he stayed in Skagen, no he would always be loyal to her father and now to her. She had the right claim for Skagen everyone knew that. Their meetings where secretive nobody knew about them, and Sithric kept it that way.

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Sithric Leifsson Thu Sep 21, 2017 8:47 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Sithric Leifsson
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