09. Point system

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09. Point system

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PostSubject: 09. Point system Mon May 15, 2017 1:49 pm

Point system

A walkthrough the world of RPG

In this RPG we work with a point system. The points are called 'influence'. So you can see it as how many influence your character has in this RPG.

How can I earn influence?
You earn influence by creating topics and posting in topics. This applies only on topics that are created in the subfora Scandinavia, so not in subfora General. For each topic and post you create in the subfora Scandinavia you earn +1 influence.

What can I do with the influence of my character?
You can use it for three things. You can give your character some kind of title, you can use it to rank up your character, or you can use it to let your character take part in a future event. With events we mean big raids or wars.

Click here if you want to use your influence.
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09. Point system
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