[WIP] Ildri Odinsdóttir

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[WIP] Ildri Odinsdóttir

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Ildri Odinsdóttir

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PostSubject: [WIP] Ildri Odinsdóttir Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:17 am

The Down and Dirty
First Name: Ildri
Last Name:Odinsdóttir
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexualtiy: Bi-sexual. Dominate with female, Dom/Sub with Males (Depends on the male)
Lives in: Skagerrak
Face Claim: Anastasia Milli

On the outside:
Hair: Dark Brown waist length. Worn in braids with clips and beads. Depends on her mood and where she is going.
Eyes: Brown, almond shape.
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 157 lbs.
Body type: Athletic, yet curvy with great tracts of land.
Skin Pale but slightly tanned. No real tan lines.
Markings: Ildri is covered in many scars and tattoos. For every battle she returns from uninjured she adds another tattoo to her body.  They are placed all over her body, though non never touch her face. Her most noticeable tattoo is that of a falcon that covers her chest and frames her breasts. Ildri also have multiple ear piercings.

On the inside:
Personality: Ildri is unpredictable. One minute she can be super happy and flirting and the next she could have the same person she was flirting with by the hair and blade to their throat. She doesn't take bull crap and will voice her opinion loudly. She also never backs down from a challenge and seems to have no fear. Because of this many people tend to stay away from her, unless they want to warm her bed at night. Though those that battle the storm, and befriend her see a more kinder side. She is protective and loving to those she cares about.
Likes: Fighting, Sex, mead, blood and breaking strong men.
Dislikes: People that whine and complain but do nothing to change things. Being teased and led on. Losing when she gambles. Cowards
Fears: Ildri's greatest fear is to die without being remembered.
Deepest desire: Ildri has had many lovers, yet has yet to conceive. She longs to become a mother.
History: Ildri never knew her father. Her mother was a Priestess of Freyja that during the festivities slept with multiple men. Her mother did not try and find Ildri's father, but trained her to follow in her footsteps. Ildri grew up in the temple both learning how to be a priestess and learning from a guard the ways of the sword. Ildri's mother would end up taking this man as her husband, but he didn't truly love her, but instead loved Ildri. They were lovers in secret.
One day their tryst were discovered and Ildri was thrown out of the temple. Her lover would successfully stay with her mother after begging for forgiveness. Ever since then, Ildri wandered from town to town, village to village. She would use her skills to earn her keep before moving on to the next town. Though many referred to her as a völva it felt dirty to her. She had not gained that title. And due to her banishment for what she did to her mother, she knew she never official would.
On the eve of her 25 birthday, she received a message from the temple of Freyja. She figured it was from her mother trying to make amends. But instead it was a note from the High priestess that her mother had passed. Her mother's dying wish was that Ildri would be recognized as a völva of Freyja. Ildri accepted the title, but doesn't let many know about it. She still continues wandering around.
Upon reaching Skagerrak, Ildri fell in love with the area. It was a simple place. The farmers worked and got along with one another. It felt like a peaceful quiet place. She would soon settle, living in a shack on a farm doing odds and ends for the elderly couple as payment for her stay.

On the Battlefield:
Weapons: Sword, Shield and small ax.
Secondary Weapons:She keeps a small dagger on her person at all times.
Fighting Style: Ildri is quick to rush into battle and strikes with speed and strength. Because of this, she is at a huge disadvantage when facing fighters with long range weapons or people that get behind her.

Theme Song:

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PostSubject: Re: [WIP] Ildri Odinsdóttir Tue Sep 26, 2017 5:07 pm

Great character sheet, she seems like a very interesting character!
But in order to be accepted, there are some things you need to take care of:

- I have changed your username (Nekorlie) to Ildri Odinsdóttir because in this RPG the name of your character is also the name of your account. If you want a second character, you just need to create a second account.
- You need to generate your mini profile and fill in the details. Profile > Viking profile > Generate character sheet
- You need to claim your faceclaim and rank here and here

When you have taken care of these things, just respond to this message and we'll check agian.


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[WIP] Ildri Odinsdóttir
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