Skål {open}

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Skål {open}

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Naemi Eliassdóttir

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PostSubject: Skål {open} Sat Oct 21, 2017 8:59 pm

.if i die, i die
Bright, blue eyes narrowly looked around the great hall. Vikings were drinking, laughing and trying to impress one another. Women trying desperately to get attention, Thralls who kept filling cups with ale. It was crowed in the great hall, just as it was supposed to be. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and were getting pretty drunk. The young Thegn sad at the side of the great hall, just a few tables away from the Ragnarssons. She already talked with them and as the night passed, she needed some time alone. It was strange, unfamiliar for her to be in a crowed place like this. Normally Naemi would avoid a crowd this big, but it was a feast after all. The Gods had been gentle and because of that, she had to be gentle for once too. Slowly she brought the cup to her lips, tasting the sweet taste of ale and it made her close her eyes for a brief second. Her face was covered with dried blood from the sacrifice. The ale was doing his job quite well, although she didn’t noticed it yet. But when she stood up, her legs felt wobbly and her sight got blurry for a moment. And while she tried to get herself together, she lost her balance and in an unaware attempt not to fall she grabbed someone’s arm. ”Oh, sorry.” She mumbled , her fingers still firmly clamped around the persons arm.


at least I'll go down fighting.
Thank you Sarah!
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Lagertha Freyasdóttir

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PostSubject: Re: Skål {open} Wed Jan 10, 2018 9:56 pm

The Gods
will always smile down on brave women

Lagertha had been in Kattegat for a couple of days now, and there was still no sign of her son. She had been told he was away, so waiting for him wasn't an option. Maybe upon her next visit to Kattegat, he'll be home. The hall had filled with others in no time, and as Lagertha made her way towards Ragnar's other sons, she felt someone clamping their fingers around her arm. Lagertha firstly looked at their hand, then up to who it belonged to.

She didn't say a word at first, just smiled and turned her entire body towards the girl. "Have I seen you before?" she questioned. Since leaving Kattegat, it felt like she had missed so much already with so many new faces. "I did, however, see you at the sacrifice. The Gods were more than satisfied this night." During the sacrifise there were flashes of lightning, and rumbles of thunder, causing everyone to praise the arrival of Thor.  "What is your name?"

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Skål {open}
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