Ubbe Ragnarsson

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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Title : Prince of Kattegat
Age : 21 y/o
Place of birth : Kattegat

PostSubject: Ubbe Ragnarsson Tue May 16, 2017 10:45 am

Name: Ubbe Ragnarsson
Gender: Male
Title: Prince of Kattegat
Rang: Thegn
Age: 20 years
Parents: Ragnar ‘Lothbrok’ Sigurdsson x Aslaug Siggurdsson
Place of birth: Kattegat
Place of residents: Kattegat
Björn ‘Ironsside’ Ragnarsson (Half-brother)
Hvitserk Ragnarsson
Sigurd ‘Snake in the Eye’ Ragnarsson
Ivar ‘the Boneless’ Ragnarsson

Ubbe is a son of Ragnar Lothbrok, only caring that name around brings a heavy burden on his shoulders. From when he was a small boy Ubbe only looked up to two people, his father and his half brother Björn. His loyalty for them both is in that way unquestionable, just as he has his loyalty to his others brothers, in particular Ivar. Ubbe brings his family to the first place. He never judged or treated somebody in his family in the wrong way. With Ivar his disability Ubbe is often the first one to take it up for his youngest brother, despite that Ivar doesn’t want his help. They are a strong, pretty tight family and Ubbe is often ahead in things concerning that family. His relationship with his mother is less tight than it is with his half brother and others brothers. When Ragnar left it felt like Ubbe had to step up a little, being close with Björn he takes the responsibly with him to keep and lead Kattegat in the way Ragnar always did.

Being so drawn into everything his father learned him he grew sharp, assertive, Ubbe is a fast tracker and an equally good hunter for that matter. He knows how to fight but hardly has the experience to do so. He makes much time free to regain conscious of his own body, training, learning, working. Ubbe is pretty driven to be like his father and half brother. Ubbe is probably the calmest and most patients of the brotherhood. You don’t get him angry that easily and if you do you would still subscribe him as a calm individual.

Aside his responsibilities and loyalty he is quite the charmer sometimes. He is a boy, he looks to the female part of Kattegat … a lot. He and Hvitserk are in that way true partners in crime. Ubbe don’t back away to take a slave to his bed or taking on a bet with one of his brothers. Girls are in that way almost a game for him. Not that any slave or young woman can complain if they lay with a prince of Kattegat in bed, Ubbe knows how to handle them. Aside woman he often spend a lot of quality time with his brothers, somewhere there is always a brother around. They often go hunting, or sharing meals over a good cup of ale. Growing up so close with his brothers makes them in that way very tight and so in some way dangerous to. If you challenge one brother, you surly can’t expect another to follow. In that way the Ragnarsson are the most familiar face in Kattegat.

If you want to see the full grow of Ubbe Ragnarsson I advise you to see the series. Ubbe is the firstborn son of Ragnar and Aslaug and grows a whole part of his life up in the presents of both his parents. He takes a big responsibility towards his younger brothers and is the known face as the Prince of Kattegat. His eager to be just like his father and half brother pushes him to take initiative to help them both. When Ragnar and Björn set sail for Paris Ubbe stays behind, witness a lot of events in Kattegat without really act on them. Ubbe learns a lot by only looking while he waits for the return of his father. But when Ragnar comes back he is sick and the truth comes out, Floki betrayed Ragnar by killing Athelstan. In that time Björn takes of, surviving the harsh conditions on his own when Floki escapes his entrapment and flees into the wilderness. There is a manhunt on him and Ubbe is joining that group and find after hours of tracking Floki hidden in a stream.

His first adventure sets just before Ragnar and Björn take of for a second raid to Paris. Ragnar gives his sons their bracelet so they can join the raiding party to Paris. It isn’t his real first raid but it is his very first adventure out of Kattegat. They learn about Rollo his betray when they arrive at Paris and find no camp back. Ubbe and Hvitserk stay at the camp while there father goes conquer Paris again. But the  camp get’s a Frensh attack and Ubbe ‘fight’ his first fight by protecting his brother and seek for a place to hide. After Ragnar’s return Ubbe and Hvitserk witness how their father murders Yidu, tells them that everything will be all right. With Ragnar a little off the boys help where they can by getting the boats to the other side. Ragnar doesn’t care anymore for Paris, he is just out to kill Rollo, in what he fails.

When they arrive back at Kattegat Ragnar disappears and the sons stay behind with a divided opinion about their father. Aslaug rules Kattegat and Ubbe is working a great length to become as great and feared as his father is. In those years of growing up he spends a great deal with Björn training and learning. As soon as he is old enough Ubbe stays close enough to his mother so she won’t make any mistake. He and Björn take it on themselves to rule Kattegat in the way how Ragnar would want it, hoping for a return some day.

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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Ubbe Ragnarsson Tue May 16, 2017 11:21 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Kattegat


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Ubbe Ragnarsson
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