Sofie Stafnsdóttir

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Sofie Stafnsdóttir

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Sofie Stafnsdóttir

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Title : The Trickster
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PostSubject: Sofie Stafnsdóttir Fri Nov 10, 2017 3:38 am

• Name: Sofie
• Last name: Stafnsdóttir
• Title: I have no title at this time
• Age: 17
• Place of birth: Skagen
• Place of residence: Skagen
• Rank: Frú
• Personality:
    → Great Traits Playful, Considerate, Energetic, Resourceful
    → Bad Traits Gullible, Impatient, Secretive, Vain
    → Likes Trainig, family time, flowers, flirting
    → Dislikes Rain, fighting her sisters, mud, bugs
• Appareance:
    → Skin tone: Slightly tan
    → Hair color: Light brown
    → Hair style: waist length wavy
    → Eye color: Blue
    → Height: 5'5
    → Weight: 105lb
    → Build: Muscular
    → Tattoos: None

• Parents:
    → Mother Kara Makansdóttir
    → Father Stafn Ulfarsson†
• Siblings:Freyja, Rúna, Visna, & Tóra
• History: Sofie is the third daughter of Kara and Stafn. She was born shortly after her sister Runa, followed by Visna, and lastly Tóra. It was sometimes difficult to have so many sisters in such a close age to herself around her all the time, but it was also very helpful in hard times, such as when their father was killed. She has always been close to her sisters, looking up to Freyja the most because of how she stepped up and gave up her dream to help the family. Sofie hopes to be able to help the family in a similar way when she is older. To go on raids some day, earn riches and make is so her sisters and mother don't have to work as hard anymore.

Her parents were very hard working, her father, before he died, was an amazing shipbuilder. Sofie use to love to watch him work on the ships when she was a child, helping with whatever he would let her. Her mother was a dressmaker, making the most beautiful dresses for her daughters and the people of the village. Before her father died Sofie thought about become a dressmaker like her mother because she liked the idea of always having new dresses, but her fathers death made her want to become stronger, a fighter who could protect her family now that they had no father or husband to do so. Something that surprised her family, because Sofie tends to be very energetic and childish at times. She has been training for a few years, and although she is only a Frú at the moment, she hopes to keep learning with her sister Runa's help and move up in the ranks to become a Shield maiden in the future. She just needs to grow up a little more before she would be ready enough for anything other than training.

Sofie also hopes to start looking for a potential husband, or man in her life. She likes the idea of having a mans attention on her all the time, and only her. She knows she is a beautiful girl, and sometimes she tries to use it to her advantage. Much to some of her sisters dismay, not that she cares too much about that.

• Faceclaim: Sierra Furtado
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Sofie Stafnsdóttir Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:16 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Sofie Stafnsdóttir
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