Alone with memories [Open]

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Alone with memories [Open]

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Sofie Stafnsdóttir

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PostSubject: Alone with memories [Open] Tue Nov 14, 2017 3:54 pm

Sofie had been having an interesting day so far. She had gotten up and gone training with the other Frú women like she did any other day, but her game had been off. She had been defeated in the mock battle fairly easily. Which had pissed her off, and made her aim even worse then it had been before. It got to the point that The shield maiden who had been helping then told Sofie to take the rest of the day off and come back tomorrow with a clear mind. So Sofie had gotten more angry and stormed home. She had changed into different clothes and bathed half heartedly before leaving the house, pushing one of her sisters, she didn't even look who, out of the way. She hadn't meant to be so off today, or to be so angry. She had just had a bad dream that had carried over into the day.

It had been a dream about her father,they had been working on a boat together. He had been trying to teach her something new when all of a sudden the dream had changed. They were now in a battle field surrounded by men and fighting. She tired to help him fight, to protect him, but in her dream she watched him die right before her eyes. It had been horrible and she had woken up with a gasp before she forced herself to get ready and out of the house. Before one of her sisters tried to make her speak about it. They would only look at her like she was weak, with concern. Sofie didn't want that. She needed to be strong for her family, for her father. That was why she had decided to become a shield maiden in the first place. To be able to fight and protect her family.

Sofie found herself in a field of flowers, they weren't going to be around very much longer. Not with the way the weather was changing. However this was always one of her favorite places to be. She would come here or other fields when she was upset. As a way to calm down and relax. Her father would bring her here to help pick flowers to give to her mother when she was a child. So it helped her feel closer to him in a way as well. Taking a deep breath she simply laid down and looked at the sky."I miss you father" she said as she hoped the Gods would hear her and deliver her message to him.
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Alone with memories [Open]
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