Halfdan Pääkkönsson

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Halfdan Pääkkönsson

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Halfdan Pääkkönsson

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Title : The Black
Age : 44 y/o
Place of birth : Norway

PostSubject: Halfdan Pääkkönsson Fri Nov 17, 2017 9:10 pm

Halfdan The Black
Scars are for the living
Name: Halfdan Pääkkönsson
Title: The Black
Age: 43 years old
Place of Birth: Norway
Place of residents: Skagen
Rank: Earl of Skagen

Decending from king Ingjald of Svealand and Olof the Woodcarver.
Siblings: Harald Pääkkönsson // Finehair - King of Rogaland
Wife: Not yet
Children: Probably, somewhere


Halfdan is skinny and quite taller than his brother. His eyes are black and narrow. His hair is shaved on the left and brushed forward on the right, covering the right side of his face which constantly shows a deep and dark look.

Halfdan is all but generous in his way of living. He tend to be worse then Harald is and shoves it in many different ways. In ways he is a true viking, taking everything and giving nothing back. He is a cruel man with a rather short temper and takes deep pleasure in seeing others suffer or having pain. For that he knows no boundaries, for that he is feared. He has no fear in killing, torturing or humiliating somebody else, he even does it with a smile. Wicked isn't the word you can give him but it comes very close. He is a free man, takes every woman he wants, takes every price he wants. Halfdan is 100% loyal to his brother ... that means he can show loyalty and he can show a kind of affection. It is a huge task to get his trust, or to get his admiration. Halfdan truly supports on his brothers and the loyal men around him. Love? Friendship? Two very hard things with him but still in a way possible, if you are just willing on going great lengths for him. He admires effort more then anything else and his life, his village is only build by his vision. He is a snake in the grass, don't even fully trust him unless he fully trusts you and for now only his brother got that pleasure, he is the only one Halfdan would die for. Complicated man, yet, somewhere underneath all the dark had to lay some good.


Halfdan was raised in the image of his brother Harald Finehair, there was nothing the boys did alone in there years of growing up. Halfan always looked up to his brother, learned on a very young age how to fight, how to conquer, how to get what he wanted. Until his brother fell in love with a princess and Halfdan saw his brother change a little. That moment he promised himself to not fall in love like Harald did, what made him more cruel then he already was. He was a true viking, not giving a damn and following his brother in his quest on become king of Norway. For a part they did, Harald conquered Rogaland and became a king there. But the taste of conquering kept following the both of them.

While Harald already sailed to Kattegat it was for Halfdan the first time. With 20 ships and more then 600 men there arrival didn't go unnoticed. Both be knew to be cruel in there way of killing an conquering they were feared. THey grow closer with Floki who is in a bad place with Ragnar on the moment. There journey for Paris doesn't come without a little fun. Harald and Halfdan defeated outpost, burning them alive and laughing about it. They raid a farm village, kill all the men, rape the woman and kill them brutaly after. For Halfdan it doesn't matter, he loves to do it and craves for more. But the actually raid on Paris, the ships Floki build, the victorious way of entering go in disaster when a chain ripped there boat half apart. Both Halfdan, Harald and Floki can safe themself before the actual battle begin. Ships against ships, fire and steel. Halfdan gets brutally hurt, taking an arrow in the chest and going down in the battle with that.

The defeat didn't meant a thing for them as Halfdan recovered slowly. The mark will always stay on his chest, remembering him how close he was on greeting Valhalla. His brother in the meantime starts exploring surrounding kingdoms and villages, wanting to set right for what was almost taking from him, his brother. When Halfdan is back on his legs and fully recovered he leads an attack on a big village called Skagen. He conquered it with ease, commanding everybody to bend the knee before he killed the earl and raped his wife. He kills her to and becomes the next earl of Skagen. With his brother his armies in Rogaland and his fighting power in Skagen they are one step closer on becoming the leaders of all Norway.
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PostSubject: Re: Halfdan Pääkkönsson Sun Nov 19, 2017 7:41 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen


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Halfdan Pääkkönsson
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