Aleinn Andorsson

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Aleinn Andorsson

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Aleinn Andorsson

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Age : 20
Place of birth : Skagen

PostSubject: Aleinn Andorsson Sat Nov 18, 2017 4:54 am

• Name: Aleinn
• Last name: Andorsson
• Title:
• Age: 19
• Place of birth: Skagen
• Place of residence: Skagen
• Rank: Shipbuilder’s Apprentice
• Personality: Aleinn is on the quiet side often keeping to himself. It takes him awhile to warm up to others. He's resourceful and a quick learner from being on his own so young.  
• Appearance:Aleinn has light brown hair and blue eyes, keeps his hair on the shorter side and can be kind of messy looking. He's taller than his brother at 6'2.  
• Parents: Andor Bjolansson, deceased & Ragna Aldisdóttir, deceased
• Siblings: Henrik Andorsson, brother & Katrine Andorsdóttir, sister; deceased
• History: Andor Bjolansson was a fisherman, and his wife, Ragna, was a villager. Together they had three children. Theirs was a happy family for the first few years, but Ragna & their two year old daughter, Katrine,  fell ill when their son Aleinn was 5 and Henrik was 9. Katrine died shortly after, quickly followed by Ragna. The boys were then left alone rather frequently when their father was out fishing, trying to provide for his family. The boys are both more on the shy side and have mostly kept to themselves.

Five years later, when the boys were 14 & 9. Andor left to go fishing and never returned. It is assumed he must have run into trouble and drowned. So from that point on, the pair of brothers were on their own. Henrik immediately began training to become a viking, and also took any odd jobs around the village where he could make some money to feed them. Aleinn soon followed suit when he was a little older. They both knew how to fish, thanks to their father, and would occasionally sell fish at the market as well, but neither boy had any love of it and had no intentions of becoming fishermen for the rest of their lives.

Originally, he started off training to be a viking with his brother before deciding that he didn't want to spend the rest of his life fighting and decided to try to do something else. Having grown up around fishing boats he decided to try shipbuilding.

• Faceclaim: Max Irons
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Aleinn Andorsson Sat Nov 18, 2017 10:51 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Aleinn Andorsson
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