Lillianna Asmundsdóttir

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Lillianna Asmundsdóttir

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Lillianna Asmundsdóttir

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Age : 21
Place of birth : Uddevalla

PostSubject: Lillianna Asmundsdóttir Fri Dec 08, 2017 3:10 pm

• Name: Lillianna
• Last name: Asmundsdóttir
• Title: No title has been given to me as of yet.
• Age: 20
• Place of birth: Uddevalla
• Place of residence: Uddevalla
• Rank: Dressmaker
• Personality:
   → Great Traits:Loyal, Intimate, Open-Minded, Supportive, Trusting
   → Bad Traits :Shy, gullible, overemotional, stubborn, compulsive
   → Likes : Animals, dresses, jewels, nature, love
   → Dislikes: lies, large groups, violence, blood, mud
• Appareance:
   → Skin tone: pale
   → Hair color: red
   → Hair style: waist length wavy
   → Eye color: Blue
   → Height: 5'8
   → Weight: 110lb
   → Build: thin
   → Tattoos: Rune of protection on the top of her left arm

• Parents:
   → Mother Ragnhild Colbornsdóttir
   → Father Asmund Haraldsson
• Siblings:Younger half brother, Younger half sister.

• History: Lillianna was born into a happy family at first. Her partners had been so in love until her father decided to sleep with another women behind her mothers back. Her father ended up getting the other women pregnant with his child when Lillianna was two.  That had been the end to her parents marriage. Her parents got a divorce and her mother moved to a whole different village, Skagerrak. Lillianna would have gone with her mother, but her fiends were here. She was very shy, and had a hard time making friends with new people, so she didn't want to move to a whole new village where she would not know anyone at all. So she stayed with her father and his new family. The new women, Astrid, was kind to her and tried to act like a mother. However Lillianna already had a mother, and didn't think the that she needed a new one. She was never rude to Astrid, but she only used her first name, she never called her mother. Lillian visits her mother a few times a year however so that they can stay close. Her mother had remarried a man there and had another daughter with her new husband. Lillianna wasn't as close to her half sister as she was to her half brother. He liked to act as if he was the older one, and she was the younger, with how protective of her he likes to be at times. An interesting thing when walking around the village and a eightteen year old is trying to guard his shy twenty year old sister.

As Lillianna got older, her friendship with Redar got stronger. They had met when they were small girls, Lillianna had been around when Redar had one of her bigger visions. It had been scary at first, but she did her best to help her friend out. They had been almost attached to the hip from that moment on. Lillian was as supportive of her friend as she could be. Wanting to be able to help her in anyway she could. She also started to like making her own dresses as time went on, and as she got better she started to make even more things. Her Father saw that she was showing real talent, and set her up to work with the old dressmaker. After time Lillianna got so good, that she opened her own shop. She has a hard time talking to people when they come in to order new things from her, but she powers through it the best she can. She has to make a living for herself, but it does give her some awkward situations sometimes. If she wasn’t so shy, things would be a lot easier for her she was sure.

Her father was worried about the fact that she was still very shy like she was. He worried that someone would come along and that she would be too shy to act upon feelings, or they would think she was too shy, or timid for them. Her brother didn’t want her to rush into anything anyways, he didn’t like the idea of her getting married to anyone he didn’t approve of completely. Something that she knew would be a hard task to complete. Her brother says he only wants the very best for his sister. Lillianna just hopes that she meets someone who will like her as she is, shyness and all.  

• Faceclaim: Aleksandra Girskaya
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Lillianna Asmundsdóttir Fri Dec 08, 2017 8:54 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Uddevalla

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Lillianna Asmundsdóttir
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