Vidar Ingvarsson

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Vidar Ingvarsson

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Vidar Ingvarsson

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Title : Mørket
Age : 46 y/o
Place of birth : Uddevalla

PostSubject: Vidar Ingvarsson Sun May 28, 2017 1:14 am

Vidar Ingvarsson

Name: Vidar
Last name: Ingvarsson
Title: King of Uddevalla
Vidar was born into leadership, being the only heir from deceased King Ingvar.
Age: 46 years old
Rank: King | Blacksmith
Place of birth: Uddevalla
Place of residence: Uddevalla

Father: Ingvar Garthsson †
Mother: Øydis Stensdóttir †
Siblings: None.
Wife: Hillevi Einarsdóttir †
Vern Vidarsson (son)
Vigdís Vidarsdóttir (daughter)

Skin tone: Slightly sunburned
Hair color: Black with some locks of grey.
Hair style: Long, waved hair, swepped backwards. A few small braids with iron beads.
Beard: Middle length ring beard.
Eye color: Blue, grey
Height: 1m89
Weight: 79kg
Build: Firm, viable
Tattoos: Runes that enclose underarms.
Extra: Baritone voice

There is nothing left, not even the tiniest piece from the charming person he once was. Everything that happened in his life has turned him into a short-tempered, darkhearted ruler. It is like his heart is filled with a burning hatred, growing stronger every day.  Where he should normally care for his people, he only cares for the weapons the Kingdom produces. There is only one thing on his mind: Revenge. Revenge for his wife who was raped and killed in blood cold by unknown vikings. He wants to see their blood on the steel that his weapons are made of. Blood on silver.

Vidar does not care for others, not with his heart. He’ll try to solve their issues if they come to them, but only to be seen as a proper functioning King. He won’t lose his sleep over their problems, since he had enough of his own to think about. The loss of his wife turned him partly mad, and the betrayal of his son made it even worse. The people who didn’t saw him as a proper king betrayed him and left the Kingdom anyway. But by most he is seen as a great leader, he is feared and respected at the same time. Vidar got a long list of skills. He is a great fighter, agile and flexible in battle, and maybe an even better blacksmith. All the blacksmith’s that are working in Uddevalla were once his apprentice and even now he often visits to teach them new things. He only isn’t really that great teacher because of his lack of patience and his short temper.

Love doesn’t has any place in his life anymore. He just isn’t able to feel it anymore. Even for his daughter, who rules aside him his doesn’t have any love. The relationship they have is pure pragmatic. Some of the women in Uddevalla see it as a challenge, to make him feel again. Anything at all. But his appereance, his personality, his way to handle things.. it’s all just a mask for all the grieve and pain that is going on inside of him. Altough he’d never show that side of him to anyone, not even himself.

Vidar stems from a royal bloodline. He was literally born to become the King of Uddevalla when he was older. That was also what his entire youth was about. Becoming a firm, strong leader without any fears. When other children were playing, he was training how to hold an axe. How to create one. How to use one. And later how to kill someone with it. It made him strong, fearless and eventually a great leader. His mother dies when he was rather young, from a plague that harassed the kingdom. Later, when his father died in battle, Vidar had became such an emotionless person, he didn’t show any sign of grief. Vidar just traded his job as experienced blacksmith for that of a king. And from the moment he sat on the throne, he knew that it was his destiny, that he would rule over his people til his last breath.

For a few years he was a solely ruler, making desciscions on his own. There was no place for love in his life, there never had been since his mother’s death. Until one day a royal viking fleet from King Einar visited the Kingdom, seeking for outstanding weapons. Vidar put his best blacksmiths to work with the order to forge new weapons for the other King. In the meantime he got to know Hillevi, the daughter of Einar. She was able to soften his heart and make him able to know love again. The rediscovery of the feeling make Vidar feel like he was in Valhalla itself. Eventually King Einar left Uddevalla with a bash of powerfull weapons and without his daughter, later to be Vidar’s wife.

Years past by and Vidar and Hillevi were knows for their great ability to rule. Hillevi gave him two children, a son and a daughter, as strong and fierce as their father. Uddevalla grew even bigger, even stronger than it was before. But apperently not strong enough. One night, Vidar was wandering through the dark streets from Uddevalla, when he saw flames doom up from the farms outside the wall. Together with his Huskarls and other viking warriors he rushed outside. By the time the flames were out, there was screaming coming from inside the walls. Whoever the intruders were, they had set the barn on fire as a distraction, only to slip into the walls from the kingdom itself. And that was when Vidar knew.. Back in his chambers he found his children, but his wife was nowhere to be found. Hillevi was taken by the intruders. Later that night they found her.. raped and murdered in the treeline from the forest just outside the walls from the Kingdom.

Vidar’s heart turned dark, he became a ruthless, emotionless ruler with a very short temper with only one thing on his mind: Revenge. The grieve he went through not changed only him, it turned the entire Kingdom of Uddevalla to a dark, frightening place. In that time there was a lot of betrayal, villagers fled the city to look for better places to grow old. Even his own son, Vern, betrayed him, because he couldn’t handle the person his father had become. Until today the day Vidar has so much questions: Who intruded the kingdom? Who killed Hillevi? Where is Vern? Where is his heart?

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Vidar Ingvarsson Mon May 29, 2017 12:17 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Uddevalla

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Vidar Ingvarsson
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