Magnus Asmundsson

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Magnus Asmundsson

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Magnus Asmundsson

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Age : 19
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PostSubject: Magnus Asmundsson Wed Dec 27, 2017 12:47 am

• Name: Magnus
• Last name: Asmundsson
• Nickname: Maggie (mainly by his family and friends)
• Title: None
• Age: 18
• Place of birth: Uddevalla
• Place of residence: Uddevalla
• Rank: Thegn
• Personality:

Overview- Magnus is your typical reckless, athletic 18 year old with a heart of gold, an ego that probably suffocates everyone in the room, and someone who sees everything very black and white. He’s rather childish and used to getting his own way a lot being the baby of his family. When everything is great, he’s friendly, engaging, charming and over confident person who enjoys making everyone around him laugh. When life begins to give him lemons, he gets the juice in his eyes and probably will start screaming that he’s blind while deciding inevitably that his life is over.

Confident- Magnus is the baby of his family and his mother’s only child so he’s grown up hearing how awesome he is 24/7 and it’s kind of gone to his head a bit. Basically no one loves Magnus more than Magnus loves Magnus. What’s that? You don’t love him and find him absolutely amaballz? Well have no fear he won’t even notice either a. Because he assumes you already love him because who wouldn’t or b. you’re very lame and clearly the problem here (but he might try to win you over with his charm and great smile because he’s awesome and you should think so too, ok?)

Drama King- One could say that Magnus’ coping skills are lacking in certain areas. When things start to go south, Magnus will be shouting from the rooftops all is fucked and running around like a chicken with his head cut off. This can be for little things too that just aren’t going his way. His lack of ability to problem solve can likely lead him down the path to trouble since his immediate reaction is to fight everyone first and ask questions later. The dumbest thing to do in any situation will be his knee jerk response.

Friendly- He has never met a stranger and in fact he could probably make friends with a wall. He likes to talk to every and anyone who will listen to him. One the flip side, he also wants to know about you and will ask lots of questions.

Jokester- There is nothing that he loves more than making everyone laugh at his spectacular jokes. He also likes to tease people as well and certainly won’t mind if you take a few jabs at him as well. Not much is serious to him, well, until it is and then it’s all terrible.  

• Appearance: He has blue eyes, freckles across the bridge of his nose, and hair like a Disney prince shiny brown hair that he may or may not spend time making look perfectly messy and windblown. He's about 5'10 in height.
• Parents: Astrid Refrsdottir and Asmund Harldsson
• Siblings: Lillianna Asmundsdottir (half sister)
• History: Unbeknownst to him, his mom was kind of homewrecker and stole his dad from his first wife. His parents got married shortly after his father got divorced prior to his birth.  Magnus is his mother’s only child and the youngest and only son of his father so he grew up being told everything he ever did was the greatest which he really took to heart. Despite the history, he’s always been close with his older half sister, Lillianna. He’s always felt protective of her despite being nearly two years younger than her. She’s always been so shy and he always worried about her being taken advantage of him since she always seemed to hesitant to speak up for herself. He would never have problems threatening to punch anyone in the face if he heard them talking about her.

Magnus has always been good at fighting and in fact that is his default setting to punch someone instead of using his words to work things out so it’s only natural that he would start training to be a viking as a thegn at 16. He takes his training very seriously and works hard everyday on it, however, he’s can a bit of showboat and prone towards arrogance of his skills. He can be a reckless fighter as well, often sacrificing defense for what he believes will help him win faster.

• Faceclaim: Froy Gutierrez
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Magnus Asmundsson Wed Dec 27, 2017 2:36 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Uddevalla

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Magnus Asmundsson
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