Bjorg Agnarsdóttir

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Bjorg Agnarsdóttir

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Bjorg Agnarsdóttir

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Title : Stjarna
Age : 28 y/o
Place of birth : Unknown

PostSubject: Bjorg Agnarsdóttir Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:16 pm

Name: Bjorg
Last name: Agnarsdóttir
Title: Stjarna

It’s the Old Norse word for star. People realise the reason why that’s her nickname right when they see her. She looks like she’s always shining with a light that seems to come out of nowhere, especially when she performs.

Age: 28
Place of birth: Unknown
Place of residence: Skagerrak
Rank: Skald

Father: Agnar Guthrothsson
Mother: Aud Kjartansdóttir †
Siblings: //
Partner: //
Children: //

Innocent: She doesn’t know much about the world, the only thing she cares about is improving her music skills. Music is what matters to her and she dedicates her whole life to it.
Determined: Despite no one believed in her, she was able to pursue the path she chose for herself. Struggles were and still are part of her everyday life, she plays the harp non-stop for hours and she’s often unsatisfied with the results she has.
Modest: With her mindset, it’s difficult to make her believe she’s actually talented. Every time someone compliments her skills, she simply thanks and changes the topic of the conversation.
Confident: This part of her personality can be seen when she performs only. She’s in her own element when she plays her harp and sings, but doesn’t really realise that.
Temperamental: Her mood often switches based on the music she plays or on the types of stories she tells. She’s a good actress and tries to bring the realest emotions on the stage. Unfortunately, she keeps those emotions for a bit after she ends her performances.
Religious: She grew up listening to the tales of the Norse Gods, that she loved so much she chose to put them into music and into poems. That’s what most of her performances are about.
Curious: Her parents traveled a lot and she’s eager to know and see the places and the cultures that kept both Agnar and Aud away from home and from their daughter.

Hair: Straight and blonde
Eyes: Gray
Build: Slim, fragile-looking
Height: 1m66

History: Bjorg was born in a village which name she doesn’t know. Her father was a blacksmith, now too old to be able to work and her mother was a healer that gave birth in a foreign country while the both of them where on a raiding mission. They travelled a lot around, trying to find a village where to move permanently, eventually ending up in Skagerrak.

The girl had a lovely childhood, but her parents were often away since the earl of the village wanted them to join his forces whenever he went raiding. When they were away and Bjorg was still a child, she used to fall asleep while singing to herself a lullaby her mother taught her. That melody was what first ignited her passion for music. The Gods too played a big part in her final decision for her life path. Her father loved to tell her about the Gods and the great things they were able to accomplish and every time he was away, she repeated them to everyone she had the chance to talk to, showing how amazed she was.

Bjorg was 18 years old when her father came back from a raid without her mother. As soon as she didn’t see her mother getting off the boat they both were supposed to be in, she understood what happened and immediately shut off her father when he was about to tell her what her mother’s fate was. It was the Gods’ will and she accepted it without arguing. She kept being the normal and happy girl everyone thought she was, but whenever she was alone or before falling asleep at night, she couldn’t help but think of her mother while singing her favourite lullaby. Her father hated that song and he made that clear more than once, but she couldn’t care less.

People started showering her with compliments on her singing voice once she started singing in public more often. Those compliments boosted up her confidence, finally taking her to the decision of asking Inkeri, one of the village’s carpenters, to help her crafting her first harp. She had seen the instrument several times whenever a skald came to Skagerrak with his or her earl and performed at Rigas’ court, and never lose the chance to ask them how that worked. That information was extremely helpful and with Inkeri’s help, Bjorg finally got what she wanted the most: a new aim in her life.

After she got her harp, her days went by with her practicing for hours out in the woods, until her arms, hands and fingers would’ve hurt. She usually came back home to her father scolding her for not trying to find a ”real job, a true and honorable profession”, as he loved to say. Bjorg never gave up her dream and somehow, as the years passed by and as she started gaining more and more recognition from the villagers, she managed to make herself a great reputation, so great that she gained a title and other earls and kings from other villages, started requesting for her to perform at their court. She sang and told stories about the great deeds of Skagerrak’s warriors but she mainly focused on myths and legends about the Gods. That were the tales she sang and told whenever she was away from Skagerrak and the main reason why everyone asked for her to travel to their villages.

For how much she loved travelling and discovering new places though, she knew her place was Skagerrak and her heart was with the people that lived in the village and that stayed by her side since she was little and alone without her parents next to her, that’s why her journeys are brief and she comes back home after few days. She feels a sense of duty towards her people, but she keeps that same feeling with everyone she meets. It’s because of that same sense of duty that she helped out Hlín and Eileifr when she saw they were in trouble and she then went back to Skagerrak with the both of them. She used to travel by herself so she could use some company, also they felt like they owed her somehow, that’s why she accepted to travel with them.
Almost a year passed after Bjorg helped out the two vaeltaja and somehow they were always with her every time she had to travel somewhere. She kind of knew how their personalities were, and even though she didn’t know much about their occupation, she never questioned them, since she only cared about her own life.

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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Bjorg Agnarsdóttir Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:41 pm

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Bjorg Agnarsdóttir
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