The beauty of animals [open]

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The beauty of animals [open]

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Inkeri Nadirsdóttir

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PostSubject: The beauty of animals [open] Tue Jan 02, 2018 12:14 pm

The snow was falling down all around her, and all Inkeri could do was smile. Watching the snow fall while the horses ran around together was a beautiful sight that was for sure. She loved to come here and watch them interact when she had free time, and with winter here, this would most likely be the last time she was able to come here until spring. This place was so special to her because when she had been a young girl, her father would bring her and her dear sister Ase out here to watch them. He would explain things, like their strength to them, and sometimes just to watch them run around and have fun together. So ever since her father went missing, she came here to just think and get away. She didn't tell Ase she was doing this, but it wasn't like she kept it from her. She just didn't need her baby sister worrying about something like this. Inkeri just missed her father a lot, and maybe by coming here, she hoped that one of the times she would see him here as well. With the earl as well, that would be even better. For she was sure it was hard on his wife. For her husband to just go missing with a few other men, and never come back. Missing without so much as a trace as to where they could be. It was crazy, but Inkeri guessed that was how life was. The gods had their reasons for things, and them going missing like that, there was a reason. One she just didn't understand yet.

Taking a deep breath, Inkeri walked forward,and closer to the wide horses. There was a mother and a baby close by to her. Lifting out her hand she made sure to approach them in a way that she wouldn't scare the poor animals, but she would let them know she was coming. It took a few moments, but the mother horse finally let her place her hand on its nose. "Hello beautiful, your baby is just as pretty" she tells the mother horse as she pets her more and more. Reaching into he bag slowly, she pulls out an apple and gives it to the mother before turning her attention to the baby horse. "Would you like one too? she asked it before holding out an apple to the baby. Inkeri smiled at how adorable it was as it walked closer to her and took the apple from her hands just like its mother did. Animals had always been fascinating to her in a lot of ways. The way they interacted with you, and how they did things. She often wondered what animals thoughts were like, a silly thought she was sure.

Taking a deep breath she pets the baby horse a few times, saying her goodbyes to them before she hears something behind her. Taking a deep breath, she made sure to be calm as she turned her body around and looked toward the sound. Someone else was out here, at least she was pretty sure it was a person, for if it was a wolf, the horses would have ran away. Looking around for a moment she put her bravest face on before speaking. "I heard you moving around,so I know you are out here." she says to the person as she places a hand on her hip. She had her axe with her, and as much as she hated violence, she would be able to at least put up a good fight if the person had bad intentions with her. Maybe if she was lucky it would be a handsome man, that was just coming out to talk to the horses too. How nice would that be? Someone to flirt with, and talk about how cute the baby horse was. However she was never so lucky.
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The beauty of animals [open]
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