Haskell Zoltansson

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Haskell Zoltansson

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Haskell Zoltansson

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Age : 35 y/o
Place of birth : Skagen

PostSubject: Haskell Zoltansson Sun May 28, 2017 10:45 am

Haskell Voltansson

Name: Haskell Zoltansson
Gender: Male
Title: None
Rang: Radningar
Age: 34 years old
Parents: Eyia Tindsdóttir x Zoltan Krumsson
Place of birth: Skagen
Place of residents: Skagen
Siblings: None - Only child

Giving his ranks into the regiment Skagen has he needs to be loyal. Bu that loyalty didn’t came from being a warrior, it came from being around his family. Haskell always pulls family before anything else, he will do anything for the once close by the heart. And with everything he means giving his own life if necessary. Haskell grew up within the tight respected bound he had with both his parents, they never had to doubt him and so he will never doubt another. Getting his loyalty means in that way a lot, if you get it, it is forever. He sees his young apprentices a little like himself when he was younger, teaching them loyalty and respect about the bloodthirst to kill. He believes being a Viking is a team effort and he never goes into battle without having support just as he gives his support away.

Strong Headed
You need to give It to him, like most men Haskell is quite the strong headed man. And that’s something to fear and love at the same time. If he makes a point about something he will stand on it until it’s done. You give him a task and he will do it … would never come back without an unfinished job. For the ones who learning the skills to be a Viking or shield maiden that works in a slight different way, he goes by the fact that they train until they manage to control the lesson. That makes him a hard person, Haskell doesn’t know much sympathy. Although he never would show it, he cares enough on the inside. But in that way he shows his own devotion into the common cause. His strong headed nature comes with stubbornness and he is always willing on making his point, proving others wrong if necessary.

Doesn’t need every Viking be at least a little fearless? Haskell learned to be fearless through the years, you don’t go in battle all scared, you just rely on the Gods to guide you through. After all those experiences he learned that fear only shuts you down when you maybe are need the most. So he pushed it away, making him a hugh risk-taker sometime. Haskell believes in some way that he can do incredible things because he just believes in the cause. That makes him dangerous, his loyalty combining with his lack of fear can make him do dangerous of even stupid things sometimes.

Haskell can me quite the passionate man, on many levels. The most of his passion goes out to his young life on the farm, now he grows more towards battle and his task as a teacher. He puts a lot of effort and passion into that job, making him an enjoyable person to be around. But he has quite the passion around woman to. Although he never bound himself to anybody, he loves to be around him and that isn’t a crime around Skagen. His passion can drive him far but he will be at all times respectful about everything. He won’t force a slave, he won’t force a young apprentice, yet he will try to push the borders. He wants only the best, that doesn’t make him wrong or bad, that just makes him really passionate.

Haskell is born and raised in a farm outside Skagen. His parents are in that way one of the few who still harvest and hold animals. They always knew Skagen to be a land of water and fishing, now that changed a little, being more capable to provide Kattegat of his best ships under the lead of Halfdan. Before that … it was peaceful, Haskell his life always was peaceful. His parents had a decent farm, two fields to work on in the summer and a couple of animals to milk and slaughter. They never had any trouble; they lived on their own crops and meat and could trade the rest for some silk or fabrics and other needs. In that way the only bad thing coming to the family were was the weather that could influence the fields. Haskell his father was a former fisher so in the time Haskell grew up his father took him often with him on a boat to fish when the lands were dry or the animals were fed. From a real young age Haskell learned the needs of life. He helped on the farm when he was nothing more than a little boy and earned his keep when he was a little older. He never doubted the live his parents had, the life he himself had. Haskell always thought that he would be a farmer himself someday, he cared, he cared about the animals, the fields, he cared for his parents when they got a little older and weren’t always that good anymore.

When he went trading into Skagen he heard for the first times about Ragnar, he wasn’t that old, he was a curious little boy. But that Ragnar changed things, more men traveled towards Kattegat and more things changed on Skagen. It was like a  certain tension, everybody needed to prove himself and everybody wanted the best … to impress Ragnar. The arrival of Halfdan was one of them, an invasion that Skagen never saw come. Halfdan took it on himself to kill the Earl currently sitting in the great hall, causing to gain to power there was in Skagen. His brother Harald took some man with him and that tension just kept lingering. When Haskell went to town he saw those two brothers, their power, their respect for each other. The input Halfdan took in the place brought Haskell home, telling his parents that he wanted to fight … and they let him.

Being in the lowest of ranks made him strong, his devotion and loyalty was something that didn’t pass unnoticed by Halfdan. When he became a real Vikings his raids didn’t always go unharmed. Haskell fought every fight with everything he got, although he kept rape outside his reputation, he knew how to kill. In that way Haskell became one of the loyal man Halfdan had in his army, something he and Harald promoted him with, becoming a teacher. Now Haskell is most of his days in the village himself, teaching, planning, drinking, raiding. Although he goes home very often for the peace. On heavy days the farm far outside Skagen is still the only place where he is totally relaxed; even if that means that he has to help his parents with the harvest. He does a lot; he tries to be there for his parents and at the same time for Halfdan. What means he is often too busy to get some real pleasure and joy in his life. What doesn’t mean he doesn’t see them standing.

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Björn Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Haskell Zoltansson Sun May 28, 2017 12:48 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen


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Haskell Zoltansson
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