Halstein Toresson

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Halstein Toresson

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Halstein Toresson

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Title :
Age : 35
Place of birth : SKAGERRAK

PostSubject: Halstein Toresson Tue Jan 02, 2018 9:20 pm

• Name:  Halstein Toresson
• Last name: Toresson
• Title:  None, but soon.
• Age:  34
• Place of birth: Skagerrak
• Place of residence:  Skagerrak
• Rank:  Hersir
• Personality:
   → Great Traits:Ambitious, Hard Working, Enthusiastic, Trustworthy ,Problem-Solver
   → Bad traits:Aggressive, Compulsive, Jealous, Patronizing, Vengeful , Arrogant
   → Likes: Music, Raiding, training, women, ale
   → Dislikes: Failure, Lies, betrayal, weakness
• Appareance:
   → Skin tone: Slightly tan
   → Hair color: dark blonde
   → Hair style: long straight
   → Eye color: Blue
   → Height: 6'4
   → Weight: 175lb
   → Build: Muscular
   → Tattoos: Runes up and down his left arm and across his back

• Parents:
   → Mother Alva Asgersdóttir †
   → Father Tore Baldersson †
• Siblings: None that he knows of
• History: Halstein was born to two fighters. A viking and a shield maiden, and some of the best in the whole village at that. Growing up her heard about all the stories from his parents past raids, and it made him want to grow up to be just like them. As soon as he was old enough to hold a sword, Holstein started to train with his father. Becoming one of the youngest Thegn's in the entire Village, doing it at the age of fourteen. That didn't stop him from wanting to move up even more. Holstein trained, and trained until he was was ranked up to a Viking when he was eighteen. Making him the youngest viking as well. When on raids he would be ruthless, caring not about the people, and more about the treasures he would be able to bring home to his retired parents. When he was twenty years old, his mother got very sick. So sick that she couldn't leave her bed. It was hard for him. So see his mother that way, someone he always looked up to and thought were so strong, withering away until she was nothing.

Her death had been hard on both him and his father, So they both dived into training, raiding, and fighting even more. He was ranked up to Radningar the second he turned twenty-five years old. It was on the first raid after he was ranked up he lost his father as well. Holstein watched as his father was ran though with a sword, and that was enough for him to lose his mind. He killed everyone in his path that day, and had almost killed some of his own warriors as well. The pain and shock had been a lot, but it made him want to become even more. So that his parents would be looking down on him and being proud of what he became for them. It was not a surprise to him when the Earl ranked him up to be the Hersir, but he was grateful for it nonetheless. Being recognized for all his hard work and effort was a great feeling, and it made him work harder, and train the other fighters harder as well. Making sure that all of his Earl's warriors were the best of the best like himself. Sometimes pushing some of the younger ones a little to hard, but with no pain, you have no gain. Pain makes you stronger, and so does suffering.

Because of his fast climb to power it got to his head a little bit. He often enjoys sleeping with the man women of Skagerrak. Anyone who would willingly share his bed with him was more then welcome. He was not a selfish lover however, he wanted the women who shared his bed to want to do it again, and so they would never be able to find a lover as good as himself, or at least that what he hopes they think. It wasn't like he went around bragging about it, he would leave that to the women to brag. For them to tell each other what a great lover he really was.

• Faceclaim: Lasse L. Matberg
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Halstein Toresson Wed Jan 03, 2018 6:56 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagerrak

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Halstein Toresson
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