Oh the scenery [OPEN]

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Oh the scenery [OPEN]

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Inkeri Nadirsdóttir

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PostSubject: Oh the scenery [OPEN] Thu Jan 04, 2018 7:27 pm

The winter snow had fallen down rather heavy the night before, making everything covered in a beautiful layer of snow. Inkeri had spent most of the morning woking in her shop, making plans for future build, once spring was here and all the snow was gone. Winter made it harder for her to go out and cut up wood, and also made it harder for new houses to go up, or other building around the village. So that meant things became slow for her. The most she would do in the winter would be to making people furniture, or something else to that regard. So when she wasn't working she was making sure to help her sister on the farm. However with it being winter, there wasn't much for them to do there as well. So Inkeri ended up having a lot of free time one her hands. Time that she liked to use to go enjoy looking at how the snow effected different areas. the way it covered it all in a beautiful blanket. Covering everything a bright white until the greens and other beautiful colors came back.

When she made her way down toward the lake she was happy to see that there was a thin later of ice on the top. Making it look even more wonderful then it had looked just a few weeks ago. It made her want to go out onto the ice, but she also knew that it wasn't quite strong enough yet at this time of winter, so she would have to come back at another time. Maybe she would bring her sister with her next time, if this was something her sister would even want to do with her. Inkeri knew she liked to be out with nature, but she wasn't sure if this type of thing was something her sister liked to do as well. Just wondering around and looking at all the scenery. It wasn't the most fun thing in the world but it was fun for her. finding a nice spot to sit down, Inkeri grabbed some rocks and had herself seat close to the edge, but not too close that she would slip and fall in. She was not stupid, and she had no plans of freezing to death out here because she fell throw the ice.

Inkeri proceeded to throw some rocks accosted the lake. Watching them hit, and bounce around. Sometimes they broke through the ice and fell in too. Nothing super exciting, but it was nice to just sit and relax like she was doing right now. In fact, she was so relax that she hadn't heard the person coming up behind her at all. Something if she was honest, was rather dangerous. She was out here all alone, and anyone at all could hurt her just because they wanted to do so. However anyone who came up to her, wouldn't know about the long knife underneath her cloak. Her father was a viking, and she was the oldest, so she had been made to learn at least a little bit about fighting, even if she didn't like to fight. Luckily, the person silently approaching her had no ill intent at all.
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Oh the scenery [OPEN]
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