Meet me anyplace or anywhere [Hilde]

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Meet me anyplace or anywhere [Hilde]

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Hvitserk Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Meet me anyplace or anywhere [Hilde] Fri Jan 05, 2018 11:14 pm

While Hvitserk knew, with this raid quickly approaching, that his mind should’ve been fixed on plans and strategies and sorting things out with his brothers. But it wasn’t. It was firmly fixed on a girl. Which he didn’t really think anyone would be too shocked to hear. Luckily, said girl had agreed to train with him and he was finally planning on holding her to that. You know, if she still wanted to.

Heading to the training field with a giant grin on his face, Hvitserk was just hoping Hilde was there. It would completely ruin his day if she’d made other arrangements, since he hadn’t actually remembered to plan any of this with her ahead of time. But he knew that would be his fault, and he’d just have to find someone to beat up if he couldn’t train with her.

Fortunately, his fears were unfounded, because as soon as he reached the field, it took him no time at all to locate her and his grin widened. It looked like she’d already been training, which made him feel like a bit of a slacker, but he was too busy admiring the view to feel too guilty about it. She was so pretty. Hopefully she hadn’t already promised to train with someone else for the day, or once again his plans would be ruined. Though, he could at least watch her training, even if he couldn’t train with her. Was that creepy? It might be creepy. He’d have to ask someone.

When he finally approached her, he tried to calm it down with the grinning, and nodded at her in greeting. “Any chance you’re free? I believe you agreed to train with me that one time? I’d like to collect.” He raised an eyebrow at her quickly, trying not to flirt, but it was hard for him. It was basically just who he was as a person by this point. “If you want to, of course,” he added after a moment. Because he was polite.
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Hilde Odinsdóttir

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PostSubject: Re: Meet me anyplace or anywhere [Hilde] Mon Jan 08, 2018 6:22 pm

The announcement for the raid to start, had been given to the warriors few days before. The training fields started to be more and more crowded, with people training twice the hours they trained before. Hilde, on the other hand, was always training basically twenty-four hours a day, so nothing really changed in her daily routine after the announcement. She didn’t really need to train that much since she was always doing so, and maybe she could’ve used those few days before the raid to rest, to focus on the battle that was right up ahead, maybe to make a little sacrifice to the Gods.

Instead, she had been in the training fields since the first lights, when nobody was there. Little by little, she saw small groups of warriors approaching the training fields, already knowing who they were going to train with, while the girl really hadn’t set up any plan to train with anyone, as always. Few days before the announcement she had met Hvitserk in the woods and there he asked her to train with him, but even though Hilde accepted, he never really showed up to train, nor tried to look for her to arrange their training session. The girl figured he simply was busy or maybe he was just joking when he asked her to train. After all, joking was basically what he did for their whole talk and the girl had a rough time trying to keep up with him.

Hilde suddenly stopped with her sword mid-air, ready to hit the target one more time, but her thoughts were too distracting for her to focus on her own movements. The girl closed her eyes and inhaled deeply before exhaling roughly from her nose. She turned around ready to leave the camp when she finally saw a friendly face among those sweaty and rough frowns. Hvitserk nodded at her in greeting and she replied, moving her head as he did while smiling a little. “Any chance you’re free?” Maybe that was her lucky day and she could’ve trained with someone alive instead of a tree or a target? ”I believe you agreed to train with me that one time? I’d like to collect.” Yes, it definitely was. The girl’s smile opened up, at the thought of finally training seriously for once. ”If you want to, of course” He then added as to look like he was asking politely. The girl huffed before rolling her eyes at him and nodding. ”Sure. Sword or axe?” She asked him with the same smirk she had when she asked him the same thing back in the woods.
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Meet me anyplace or anywhere [Hilde]
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