you'll never be great without taking a chance

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you'll never be great without taking a chance

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Vali Sveinsson

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Age : 33
Place of birth : Skagerrak

PostSubject: you'll never be great without taking a chance Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:58 pm

• Name: Vali
• Last name: Sveinsson
• Title: None
• Age: 32
• Place of birth: Skagerrak
• Place of residence: Skagerrak
• Rank: Thane
• Personality: A quick thinker, Vali is good with words and with evaluating people. He isn't necessarily the easiest to get along with because he's honest to the point of cruelty. He sugarcoats nothing for anybody, but at least you always know where he stands. He's not a big talker unless he trusts people, and his trust isn't earned very easily, but it's not impossible either. He has a healthy wariness, because he lives in Skagerrak and has seen earls overthrown and strange political situations. He prefers to avoid all that though, because it's too much diplomacy and he's terrible at that. He much prefers fighting, and since he's good at judging people, he has a knack for picking the weakest parts of the enemy army and suggesting assaults against that point. He's arrogant and bold, a touch on the reckless side, and because of his honesty and courage, warriors trust him because they always know he'll do his very best for them. If you need something done that's difficult and a bit of a fool's mission, Vali is your guy.
• Appearance: Slightly above average height, with the broad chest and shoulders that mark him as a natural warrior, Vali has reached his thirties now but believes he's still in his prime. He wears his fair, wavy hair loose about his shoulders, and has bright bluel eyes and a bit of blond scruff that he never quite lets grow into a full beard. A large serpent tattoo covers his right arm, its tail at his shoulder, its body spiraling down his arm, and ending with its head on the back of his hand. He also has a howling wolf tattooed across his back, and a protection rune over his heart.
• Parents: Svein Torstensson, deceased, and Thyra Audunsson, alive
• Siblings: Anja Sveinsdottir, younger sister, alive
• History: Born the eldest child of a Viking and a shield maiden, there was little doubt about the path Vali would choose to follow. He began training with his mother from an early age, but when he was about five and his mother became pregnant, his father began training him instead. His sister Anja was born just before he turned six, and he's always been fiercely protective of her. When Vali was ten, his father was called home to Valhalla during a raid, leaving his wife and two children behind. Thyra began raiding again to earn money to support her family, and Vali was often left to care for his younger sister during his teenage years. He quickly became independent and resourceful, traits that have served him well in the years since.He began training to become a Viking himself as soon as he was able, and of course Anja followed in his footsteps. There had never been any doubt in his mind that she would. He became a Viking, and when both his skill and his tactical intelligence became apparent, he found favor with the Hersir, Rigas, and was a supporter of his when he overthrew the old earl. Vali eventually rose to the rank of Thane under Rigas, and has held the position ever since.

Looking for: His sister Anja, and possibly their mother. Friends, enemies, training partners. His focus isn't on romantic relationships, but those are a slight possibility too.
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you'll never be great without taking a chance
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