Eilidh Nyrsdóttir

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Eilidh Nyrsdóttir

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Eilidh Nyrsdóttir

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Age : 21
Place of birth : Skagerrak

PostSubject: Eilidh Nyrsdóttir Sat Jan 13, 2018 5:10 am

• Name: Eilidh
• Last name: Nyrsdóttir
• Title:
• Age:  21
• Place of birth:  Skagerrak
• Place of residence:  Kattegat
• Rank:  Thrall
• Personality:   Right now her most defining characteristic is how angry she is at her situation, which she thinks is complete bullshit. The anger stems all of her grief over all of the things she’s lost, mainly her freedom, home and family all within a short span of time. Eilidh is emotional, making all of her decisions based on how she feels in that given moment.  This makes her impulsive. She often doesn’t think of the consequences of what she’s doing and particularly saying in the moment until afterwards.
• Appearance: Eilidh is about 5’7 with dark, long curly hair and blue eyes. She a little too thin due to not being fed regularly from her last owner.
• Parents: Ceana Derry and Nyr Audhensson
• Siblings:  Artur Nyrsson and Marta Nyrsdóttir
• History: Her parents met when her mother was captured in by her father on a raid in Scotland. They got married shortly afterwards. She had a fairly normal and happy childhood. During that time she learned three different languages: Gaelic and English from her mother and Norse.

When she was 18, her mother became sick and began to slowly deteriorate from the illness. Eilidh stepped up to care for her ailing mother, their household and her younger sister.  Her father became scarce during that time as well little did anyone in the family know that he had taken to gambling in town. It wasn’t until she was 20 years old, that he managed to rack up a large debt to some shady people in the village that he couldn’t pay back in a reasonable amount of time. They threatened to kill him if they didn’t get their money. Fearing for his life, he went to the slavers in the village and sold his youngest daughter in order to pay his debts. Feeling ashamed and cowardly, he didn’t tell anyone what he did until the men showed up to collect Marta at the family home.  Eilidh begged them not to take her, that she would do anything even take her place. The men took her up on this offer and she left with them.

Going from being a free person to a thrall, was a rough adjustment for her. She learned all of her lessons the hard way especially with her first owner was not easy going or understanding with her at all. Some of it she brought on herself by not doing what she was told or by running her mouth. After a horrible year serving a terrible man, he decided to sell her since she was so much trouble and he needed some extra cash for drinking money. She was recently bought by a new owner.

• Faceclaim:  Kaya Scodelario
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Eilidh Nyrsdóttir Sat Jan 13, 2018 11:36 am

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Eilidh Nyrsdóttir
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