The gods are watching [Björn]

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The gods are watching [Björn]

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: The gods are watching [Björn] Sun Jan 14, 2018 2:17 pm

Don't fear death if it comes, embrace it as if you lying down next to a beautifull woman. Don't look back to what you had but look forward to what you can achieve, in that way the Gods can gift you with beauty that even a woman doesn't have.
Ivar and Hvitserk came back with the suggestion to split up in two groups, one attacking from the left side of the road, other group from the right. They split up and Ubbe walked with half the group between the trees, eager on getting some blood on his axe. He asked himself how Ragnar would feel if he saw this, his sons all together making their first raid. It would be more if Ragnar would be here, or Björn but Ubbe wasn’t sure if Aslaug would let them go if Björn was around. Him leaving was the whole reason why Aslaug permissioned to it, so that only her sons could prove themselves without the experienced hands, eyes and mind of Björn. This was their moment to make a statement, to step into the steps of Ragnar … and it was a whole lot to live up to.

Ubbe stood still on the edge of that forest, eyes gazing over to a big market place, some farms laying closer to the forest. He looked aside to Thora, pulling a smile on his lips like no other before pulling his axe out of his belt. He looked over his shoulder to the group, to his brother. He pushed his hand up with the axe, gesturing over to the village before they started walking out of the forest, walking became running and before they all knew it they started growling and balding in the sounds of a starting raid. The farms were the first one to come, a man ran outside, eyes shocked before he grabbed to his own axe. But before he had the change on taking his axe the one of Ubbe carved right in his chest. He grunted, pulling it loose, looking up to the group running between the houses and Market. He looked down to the blood dripping from his axe, to the dead body of that farmer and the excitement, the adrenaline started filling his body as he run father. That whole village came to life, fighters going outside, women screaming while everybody started to run through each other. Ubbe looked for Thora but she disappeared between the houses. Ubbe focused his mind on the market and the small group of Vikings coming towards him. He smiled, opening his arms. ‘Come on!’ He shouted, chopping his axe skilled down in another Vikings. The gods were watching.

Hunt like the wolves we are
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The gods are watching [Björn]
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