Einar Odinasson

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Einar Odinasson

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Einar Odinsson

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Age : 34 Years Old
Place of birth : Skagen

PostSubject: Einar Odinasson Sun Jan 14, 2018 11:40 pm

• Name: Einar.
• Last name:  Odinsson.
• Title: -
• Age: 34.
• Place of birth:Skagen.
• Place of residence: Skagen.
• Rank: Hersir
• Personality: Einar is a northman like any other, with some exceptions. He believes in the gods, even to the point where he believes he is descended from them, but he doesn’t blame the gods for his misfortune or even thank them for his victories. It’s almost as if his belief of the gods were limited to the idea that they exist and that they’re watching over him, but that’s it. Einar is a man who is acutely aware of his own free will.

This lack of fanaticism grounds him and allows him to understand people's behavior. He reads people, and he thinks about how he might be perceived in the face of others. He thinks before speaking and before doing. When he does speak, he speaks his truth, and his words carry more meaning than they appear to at first. This is both emotional intelligence and discipline in following the moral precepts that ruled the northmen during this era.

Some of this precepts are speaking the truth, unless someone is intentionally trying to deceive you. In such which case, you may intentionally try to deceive them. Do not speak too much. Be hospitable, but always keep an eye out for what’s going on in your house, in case someone is trying to betray you. Most of the time Einar is hiding in the shadows of the hall, watching his friends and families, guest. Waiting. Thinking.

The reason Einar’s actions carry so much power is because they’re not rash. They are mostly thought out and because they are thought out, he doesn’t second-guess himself. He pours himself into his actions, into his deeds, because he rightly believes a man is defined by what he does. Of course there’s a dark side to him. Einar can kill his enemies the brutality, almost seem serene, almost gentle-like quality to what he can do.The way almost mock his enemies by stroking there faces, as if preparing them for what is to come; all of those little details show that Einar is determined to do this, but not because of a sick need for revenge.

That’s how it goes with all of his decisions. He weighs his options against his principles and against the consequences they might have, and then he acts. He is rarely swayed by impulses or emotions, except in the where he murdered a good friend. After he learns of his plan to kill his family.

• Appearance:Einar has a long ponytail with shaved sides. His eyes often varies color between bright blue and dark grey. Einar is also sporting a long beard that is later tried into a small ponytail. Einar is a fairly tall man standing 6ft2. he has a very wide, muscular build, which does him great in combat situations. Einar has a tattoo of something on his forehead, probably something to do with himself.

• Parents:

Father - Unknown.

Mother: Elsa Ravndottir

Grandfather: Ravn Håkonsson.

• Siblings: None.

• History: Einar grew up in Skagen to a mother who is a famous shield-maiden and a father who had died before he was even born. Einar was taught by his grand-father who is a Berserker, who taught Einar how to fight fiercely,. Throughout the years Einar climbed the ranks the military showing his loyalty to his Earl however. The arrival of Halfdan was one day, that Einar would never forget! an invasion that his village never saw coming. Halfdan took it on himself to kill the Earl currently sitting in the great hall, causing to gain to power there was in Skagen. Einar remembered telling his men to not fight, what would be the point. He knew Halfdan and his brother Harald were powerful and famous men. Why wouldn't you want to be ruled under someone like Halfdan.

It was like something had changed in Skagen, because of Ragnar Lothbrok, more men left for Kattegat and other villages, it was like a cloud had been blown away, more men became thirsty for fame and wealth, for glory, for a chance to prove themselves and Einar was happy to see this change in his men, the army in the village started grow and he found himself become close and loyal friends with the two brothers. Einar was glad that his position within the army wasn't stripped from him and that he could prove himself to Halfdan. Because of his position, Einar doesn't have time to chase after skirts, though that doesn't stop the man from looking and when he does have free time he is more than happy to flirt and chase maybe just one lucky women. but she would have to be something special to distract Einar from his duty.

Einar keen interest at the moment is strengthening Skagen for having the best navy, they are already known to have the best boats around. He is often seen around Skagen with his childhood friend Haskell, he respects his fighting abilities and loyalty to halfdan.

• Faceclaim:Tobias Santelmann.

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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Einar Odinasson Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:52 pm

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Einar Odinasson
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