Rigas Fenarifksson

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Rigas Fenarifksson

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Rigas Fenarifksson

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Age : 41 Y/O
Place of birth : Skagerrak

PostSubject: Rigas Fenarifksson Sun May 28, 2017 9:26 pm

Victory stands on the back of sacrifice

Name: Rigas
Last name: Fenarifksson
Title: Earl
Age: 41 years
Place of birth: Skagerrak
Place of residence: Skagerrak
Rank: Viking

Wife: N/A
Fenarifk Rígsson is his Father
Lifa Sigrúnsdóttir is his Mother

Height: 1,83 m
Hair: Long, dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Scars At both sides of his head, near his eyes. He tells people he did that to himself.(click)

Rigas is a ruthless person or at least that is what people would say. He often lacks emotion or compassion towards the ones that don’t matter to him, but that doesn't mean he isn't respectful towards them. It is hard to get on his good side and that’s the best side to be on. You will know it when that’s not the case, maybe even feel it for he is not afraid to spill blood.
He also has a different side, one that is very protective, especially towards his wife and woman in general. Rigas would give his life to protect his wife, but sometimes goes too far. If someone would look at her the wrong way, he’ll see it. When she is talking with someone he doesn’t trust, he will pull her away. You can say he is very dominant and his will is law.  
Power is something he loves and can't have enough of. Rigas always wants to be stronger, have more power, have a higher rank. He doesn't want to be weaker than someone else. You could call him a control freak.
Rigas is a leader who wants to know everything that happens in his city. No one is permitted to make big decisions without his approval. It makes him very strict.    


One -
At the beginning of his life, Rigas was no one important. He was a son and that was it. The family he grew up in had a big farm where they’d lived for almost all their life. Rigas himself started as a hunter and proved to be very skilled at it. The farm life of his father and mother was not something he wanted to do the rest of his life. It was boring, no real action, nothing to satisfy his needs. He knew there was more to life than gathering eggs, planting seeds,...
So hunting it was. Rigas started with making his own weapons. They weren’t great, but they worked and in the end that was all that mattered.
Still, being a hunter wasn’t enough. It got boring pretty quick. The fact that hunting meant he got to spend more time with his dad, made it bearable. Rigas was not the favorite son and he was the youngest of two. He was too small for his age and lacked strength when he was only a boy. All father cared about was ***, who was big, older and strong, he hoped that he would change things for his family some day. The farm life wasn’t all to bad, but life could always be better.
At first, Rigas his dad just didn’t spend a lot of time with him, but they didn’t fight. Not yet at least.

Father was not someone who respected woman, he didn’t even love his wife. He didn’t abuse her, but he also didn’t show love, no real love at least. They did argue a lot, because mother had nothing to say, she was supposed to nod and say yes to everything. It was something Rigas didn’t like, but when he would tell father he had to calm down, he often got hit in the face. So Rigas learned to stay out of their business, because *** didn’t want to help. Maybe he respected the way their dad handled or he was more like him than Rigas. That meant the two brothers didn’t came along that well.

Two -
At a young age he’d witnessed something he would never wish upon anyone. Not even his greatest enemy. His father often left home for a couple of days, leaving his wife and son alone. It was a risk he had to take, but they needed the supplies he provided. Three men from the village came to their home that night, wanting something from Rigas his mom. He didn’t understand what was happening at that time, only that he needed to hide and that was what he did. ‘Close your eyes and keep your hands to your ears my child.’ That were the instructions Rigas got from his mother, but he was stubborn and did it anyway, not right away, but when the screams started. He had to look and when he did, he couldn’t look away. Fear took over and Rigas wasn’t able to move. Minutes passed and he wasn’t sure how long he’d sat there. Too long for sure.
He may have been young and didn’t understand everything, he knew they had hurt his mother. She had been raped, but never did she told her husband. She was a strong woman, but she would always carry the mental scars with her, but she was not alone. It also left its marks with Rigas. That why he doesn't trust other males, why he hates it when he sees his wife talking with other males, why he is over protected.

Three -
After that he looked different at his dad. Though nothing really changed and his father wasn’t responsible, but his personality became more clear. Rigas hated how his father was towards his mother.
As Rigas became older, he grew a lot and his muscles started to unfold. He became much stronger and when training with ***, he won a lot. It made him more confident about himself and he got the courage to go up against his dad, not one of his best plans. His relationship with his father became worse, terrible even. They fought a lot, but Rigas couldn’t tell his father why. As long as his mother didn’t want to tell what happened, he wouldn’t.

Four -
A few days later, when they went outside to buy food, he saw one of the men. He acted like everything was alright, as if nothing ever happened. The man even approached Rigas mother like he was some sort of friend. Even talked directly to Rigas himself. The young boy didn’t move a muscle, nor did he say anything, but his face said everything. One day I will kill you. That was all what was going through his head and he may have said it out loud. He wasn’t sure, but the men had laughed before walking away.
Rigas had made a promise that day, to himself, his mother and that men.

It was but a few years later he fulfilled his promise. He’d grown stronger, faster and colder. After what had happened, he wasn’t the same boy anymore. He was more grown up that most boys of his age. Rigas trained and trained for he wanted to become a great warrior but for that he needed to fulfill his promise.
At the market Rigas found the man. He wanted to attack right away but was smart enough not to do it. So he waited and followed the man. It took a while, but they ended up somewhere quiet. They were alone and Rigas didn’t wait any longer. He jumped at him and both fell on the ground. Rigas had a knife with him, but decided not to use it. His fists made contact with the man his face. Over and over again. In the end he had killed the man, but not before telling him why he was about to meet his end. Rigas wanted him to know wich mistake he had made and why he was going to die that day.
As Rigas went home, blood was still dripping from his hand. His own blood and that of the man he killed. The first person he’d ever killed and the first body he’d dumped in te river. When people had told him that you change when you kill a person, he never thought it be true, but in the end it does.

Rigas knew he had only killed one of the three men, but he didn’t knew the others. Even if he wanted to give them the same fate, it was not yet possible. But he wouldn’t stop looking for them.
At that time he he was still a Herra but eventually he climbed up and became a true Viking. Not that is was enough for him. Rigas always wanted more.

Five -
Some time later word got out that Rigas had killed a man, someone innocent as other people from the village said. Apparently the three men had a lot of friends, lot of respect, even the respect from their Earl. And that was it, Rigas couldn’t just wait for his punishment when he had done the town a favor. So he did the unthinkable; he challenged the Earl for a dual.
For a moment it had been quiet in the big room, before some people laughed. Rigas was no one really, he was just a Viking like so many others. He hadn’t done something special, had only proved he was a good leader when leading the Viking army.
People who were protecting the earl stepped up when Rigas approached him. They didn’t trust him, that was very clear to him. In the end, he and the Earl ended up having a dual to the death. It was a pretty hard fight and both got beaten up, but Rigas won. He’d cut open the abdomen of the earl, leaving him bleed to death.

Six -
When Rigas became Earl, his relationship with his brother didn’t exactly got any better, it got worse. His brother is jealous or at least that’s what Rigas would say. *** was always the favorite son who would make his family proud, but in the end he was only a Viking while his brother was Earl. When Rigas was doing his job, *** would interrupt a lot, trying to ‘help’ or trying to be important too.
Rigas wasn’t a bad Earl, but he wasn’t known for his patience and kindness. He is a cold ruler, but he would put his village first, always and forever. Traitors aren’t allowed and it’s better not to do things that aren’t permitted. They would be punished the right way, a way he seemed fitting and he would be the one to do it.

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Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagerrak

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Rigas Fenarifksson
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