Make no mistake about it [Kettil]

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Make no mistake about it [Kettil]

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Gerolf Hagensson

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PostSubject: Make no mistake about it [Kettil] Wed Jan 24, 2018 6:39 pm

Gerolf had been thinking of things and ways to make up to Kettil for how he had reacted to him. After he left his brother and Ylva alone to get to know one another, he realized he had been to rough with Kettil. The only person he had wanted to keep from finding out that he was a monster, now knew and the way Kettil now looked at him only seemed to made him madder. He had wanted to punish Kettil for daring to talk back to him that way, for not being so ungrateful to him for all his hard work. However he hurt him more then he had planned to do. So he knew he had to make it up to him somehow. He had to get him something else other than the stupid dog, and other then a wife that Kettil would like. He knew that his brother was fascinated with the wolves, but the likelihood of him being able to find them, and then capture one and train in before his brothers wedding was slim to none. So the only other thing he knew his brother enjoyed was horses. He worked with horses everyday. Training them for the earl, and for the other villagers. However Kettil did all this work, and didn't have a horse of his own.

So Gerolf decided that getting Kettil a horse of his own would just help distract him more, and maybe get him to forget about the fact that he had choked him out. Even if he had been asking for it with the way he was acting toward him. Gerolf still needed his brother, he needed his love, because he was the only thing that had kept him from completely embracing all the horrible thoughts that ran in and out of his head everyday of his life. So he had gotten up early and went about looking for a person to buy a horse from. He had to be careful because his brother raised most of the horsing in the village, and he wanted to get him one without his brother finding out his plans. For that would just ruin everything, and he was not about to let his dear brother ruin more things for him. He already ruined all his hard work of getting him a wife by reacting the way he had done. He had hoped Kettil was going to be grateful to him for going through all that trouble. He even killed the girls family. So Kettil was not going to have to share her with anyone at all, she would be all his, and his brother wasn't even a little bit happy about what he had done for him.

It didn't take him very long to find someone selling a few horses, and seeing as he didn't really know anything about horses at all. Gerolf just bought the one that seemed to be the youngest and healthiest looking. His brother would be able to train it and make it into what he needed and wanted if it came down to it. Besides a horse was a horse. What it looked like and acted like meant nothing to him. As long as it made his brother happy, and forget what he had done. That was all that mattered to himself. If this was all for nothing and his brother was still mad at him, then well he would have to punish him for being an ungrateful person. Hopefully he was not going to need to punish him more then once. Gerolf hoped once was enough for Kettil to know that he was the boss and that he was in charge. For he was the man and the fighter in this family. He was the one in charge, and that was the way it was going to stay no matter what Ylva and Kettil thought.

Going home with the horse he tied it up safely outside before going inside. It was the day before his brothers wedding, so what better time to give him the gift then now. At least that was what he told himself as he walked inside and looked around to see if he could find the two love birds. When he didn't see them anywhere around, he figured they were still out and working at the barn. He would just give him the horse when he got home with his little women. Someone that was always attached to Kettil's side Gerolf had taken notice. So at least the two of them were getting along. Sitting down he kicked up his feet and decided to wait and see how long it was going to take his dear Kettil to come home. Hopeful not too long, Gerolf had never been a man to like waiting. He hoped the horse outside would be enough for his brother to want to ask questions. Then he could just tell him it was his.

As if Kettil felt summoned or something he heard the door open up and Gerolf looked toward it with a smile. "Welcome home dear brother....and Ylva" he says to them as he smiles and folds his hands over his stomach. "Did you notice anything while coming home today?" he asked him next as he watched Ylva and the stupid mutt hurry past him and into Kettil's room. The act alone making him smile, she was already trained so well. "Your little wife is already making herself at home in your room. I'm sure your excited to make her yours fully tomorrow." he says smirking as he looks at him. "Back to the topic however, what did you notice?" he says growing impatient.

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Make no mistake about it [Kettil]
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