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new face new skills-Hedvig

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Sofie Stafnsdóttir

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PostSubject: new face new skills-Hedvig Thu Jan 25, 2018 9:35 pm

It had only been a few days since she had gotten home from Kattegat, but she was happy to be home all the same. Things had changed for her so quickly however. Being in Kattegat had been a lot of fun in a way. Sofie had met so many wonderful people while she was there, and even made some friends. Sure she and Haskell still trained while they were there, but he was busy with other things. Busy doing work for Halfdan while they were gone. She was glad for it, to have the time to just unwind after everything that had happened to her, but it was hard to adjust when they got home. Now that they were home, and Halfdan was around. They were training harder and more then she was use to. She knew it was to make her stronger, but Sofie was getting tired so quickly. All the training was killing her in a way, however at the same time she knew it was making her better, faster, stronger. She was going to become a great warrior they had said, and if she kept up like this she knew that the two of them were right. That she was going to rank up a lot faster working with someone as amazing as Haskell.

Today was a little bit different tough, Haskell was busy with something else. So she was going to get a break from training with him, but that didn't mean Sofie wanted a break from training all together. She knew that Haskell would be a lot more proud of her if she went out of her way to train even though he was too busy to train with her himself for the day. So Sofie had gotten up early and gone down to the training field like she normally would to meet with him. Looking around for a partner she found a women that she knew was the same ranking as herself. If she was correct the women's name was Hedvig,and she was a strong warrior. Smiling she slowly walked over to her and greeted her politely. "Good morning Hedvig! I hope you are doing well." she says to her first with a smile. "I was wondering if you would like to train together today?" she says to her next before looking around and quickly adding. "If you already have a partner its okay." to her after. She would feel badly if she just came over and forced herself on her.

Sofie was sure that being forced to train with someone was the last thing that most people would want to deal with. So she always tried her best to make sure people knew that they didn't have to train with her. Besides, now that Halfdan was going to be watching her all the time like he said he planed to do, she was sure that others were less likely to want to train with her if that meant Halfdan was going to in turn have his eyes one them as well. However maybe not everyone was as scared of him as she was. Most people were use to dealing with him more then she was, and maybe Haskell was right. As time went on she was going to get use to the way that Halfdan dealt with people. "I just know toy are a strong warrior, and the idea of training with someone strong is nice." she says to her last. Wanting to explain a little more, for she knew there was an age gap between them as well.

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new face new skills-Hedvig
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