Ari Asgersson

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Ari Asgersson

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Ari Asgersson

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Title :
Age : 16 years, almost a full grown man.
Place of birth : Skagen

PostSubject: Ari Asgersson Fri Feb 02, 2018 12:59 pm

Name: Ari
Last name: Asgersson
Title: The Fox
Age: 16 years
Place of birth: Skagen
Place of residence: Skagen
Social structure: Fisherman, the best you ever have seen.
- Father: Asger Bardsson
- Mother: Astrid Geirsdóttir
• Siblings: Kari Asgersdòttir, older sister.

Build: Slim, jet muscular for his form.
Height: 172cm / 5.6’ Still growing of course!
Weight: 68kg
Hair: Short curly gingerish blondish hair.
Beard: I don’t have any need for that.
Eyes: dark brown

Personality: Ari is quite the trickster and trouble maker. He has a lively spirit and somehow always gets in trouble. He likes doing what he want, not thinking about the consequences. Often speaks what is on his mind, and more often speaks and acts without even thinking about it. He can come off quite brute and rude at times. Though he’s often a joy full person, mostly making fun or parking people. That and the way he can be sly and flexible and unpredictable like a fox earned him the name the fox. People often say it when he’s coming over ‘oh if it isn’t the fox.’ What he quite enjoys and always brings a smile on his face.
Ari was born into a quite complicated family. A family of farmers, two parents who didn’t love each other and an to him very annoying older sister. Though he loves her dearly and knows she means well. She’s still his annoying sister. Though he had a lot of love from her. Love that seemed rare in their family as his father didn’t love their mother and their mother didn’t love his father. From his young age he could just feel that it was a torn apart family and often it wasn’t a too pleasant environment to grow up in. His father was often gone to sleep with many other woman and his mother seemed to work hard for her family. But that made that he and his sister often were left alone. As being a son it seemed his father did take a liking to him. But also had many hopes for him. What made it hard on him at times. At least when his father was around. More often he want to play with Kari or his mother if she wasn’t too busy working.

Even so as his sister grew and did more work on the farm he was often left alone and free to wander. He often wandered away from the farm to the woods. Were he liked to climb the trees and chase after animals. He also liked playing in the water a lot and as a game he made himself tried to catch the fish. He filled his alone time mostly with doing that. Though he grew to want attention and leaned how to make traps and pranks. What he then started to use on his parents, and sister and everyone who was around on the farm. He often got in trouble for them. Mostly they weren’t thankful for his pranks and he got a beating out of it at times. But it was a way for attention and he did grow to like it. He liked making fun of people and all of these things and as the years went by he grew very skilled in them. Especially after his mother left them… he was only 8 at the time.

She left without a trace and it hit Ari hard. He felt even more lonely even if his sister tried her best to take care of him. He got frustrated and still till today is deep inside that his mother did not love him enough to stay or even just tell where she went. It broke something inside him. What created him in many ways. As he after that went more to the woods and waters, and sea and village. Working up his sly and pranking skills. Even fishing skills.

When he was 12 years old his sister moved away from his father’s home and she made sure to take him. He has always been very grateful to her for that. After all his sister was really the only one in his family he had been close to and still is. The bond he had with his father was long ruined through his actions and also a lot because he didn’t grow up to be the son his father wanted him to be. His life really became much easier since he lived with his sister. He however got more free time to go out and make trouble. Though he tried his best to help her once and then on the farm. But Ari never really liked farming that much. So he more often brought animals home he had caught and fishes for a meal. As he became 16 he had some difficulty to find someone to work for. But as he loved the water and had great skill in fishing he did know he wanted to be a fisherman at the very least. Knowing it was an important job. Though most fisherman did not trust him really, only knowing him as a trouble maker. He still is looking for someone who will trust him, he sometimes is allowed to go with some of them. But more often is on his own. Not that he minds, in fact he finds it easier and he can trade the fishes in the village for a low price… though it is enough to come around.

All in all he has become more of a free loader who lives of his sister and just brings in some things once in a while. He also kind of claimed the little fox she had found as he really enjoys that little thing. In fact it’s a pet they share, but not that he’s going to admit it. What the future will bring Ari the trouble maker is still a question, but he himself believes the gods have destined him for great things.

Faceclaim: homas Sangster
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Ari Asgersson Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:52 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Ari Asgersson
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