Bjarni Dagsson

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Bjarni Dagsson

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Bjarni Dagsson

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Title :
Age : 32
Place of birth : Skagerrak

PostSubject: Bjarni Dagsson Fri Feb 09, 2018 5:56 pm

• Name:  Bjarni
• Last name: Dagsson
• Title: I do not have one, nor do I want one
• Age:  32
• Place of birth:  Skagerrak
• Place of residence:  Skagerrak
• Rank:  Shipbuilder
• Personality:
   → Great Traits: Honest, Hardworking, Compassionate, Strong, Patient, Trustworthy
   → Bad Traits: Cynical, Restless, Self-Pitying, Withdrawn, Gloomy, Awkward
   → Likes: Nature, Children, Swimming, Playing with his daughter, Learning, Snow
   → Dislikes: Death, Sarcasm, Lies, Violences, Ale, Blood

• Appearance:
   → Skin tone: pale
   → Hair color: Brown
   → Hair style:Shoulder length
   → Eye color: brown
   → Height: 6’5
   → Weight: 150lb
   → Build: Muscular
   → Tattoos: N/A
• Parents:  
   → Mother : Helle Elufsdottir †
   → Father:Dag Egilsson †
• Siblings:  None
• History: Bjarni was born to some very loving parents. Ones that loved him and tried their best to support him in everything he did. His parents had met at a young age and married at a young age as well, but that didn’t mean they were poor. His mother was a jewelry maker who for as long as he could remember was always working. Bjarni’s father had been a viking, one that was pretty good, but not good enough to move to far up in the ranks. Not that his dad seemed to mind. He was pretty sure his father was just happy to go on raids and earn riches for his wife and his son. For he was a rather simple man, something Bjarni had loved dearly about his father. He loved that his father wasn’t as bloodthirsty as some of the other viking men appeared to be.

Things in his life took a large change when he was twelve. His father had gone out on a raid with everyone else, one that had been promised to be an easy raid, however when everyone else came back, his father was not on the boats with all the others. At first Bjarni lived in denile, not wanting to believe his father was actually dead. But when he didn’t come home that night for dinner, his mother made him face facts and accept that he was now the man of the house and family. So Bjarni started to pick on the work his father left behind. He would go hunting, fishing, anything he could to put food onto the table for his mother. Sometimes he would be out for hours, but he never gave up. As he got older, hunting became easier for him too.

When he was eighteen he knew that it was time for him to pick a ranking and start learning it to its full. Bjarni had decided after his father's death that he was not going to be a viking, but that meant he was going to have to try his best to learn something completely new. It took him a few weeks to figure it out, but soon he met one of the boatbuilders. Bjarni found himself coming down to the docks where they built everyday after what until someone finally offered to let him be an apprentice. He made sure to work hard everyday, and after a some years he was on his own. Making boats for the earl and earning a living so his mother wouldn’t have to work so hard anymore. In that time he met a wonderful women named Alfhild and fell in love quickly with her. When he was not working or helping his mother he was with her. Spending every moment together that they could, soon they were married and Bjarni could say he was a lucky man.

Just when things seemed to be looking up for a while, things took a turn. The first thing to happen was his mother grew ill. It started a few weeks after his wedding to his wonderful wife. Bjarni had spent so much money getting her seen by different healers, but sadly in the end it was still the same. The illness took his mother from him. He was sad, but he hoped that his parents would somehow see eachother again. Shortly after his mother’s death he found out his dear wife was with child. Something wonderful to lift his spirits, however it wasn’t. His sweet loving wife had many complications in her pregnancy, so much so that he didn’t even want her to carry the child to term. When it came time for his wife to give birth, Bjarni wasn’t sure how to feel when they told him his wife didn’t make it. He was pretty sure his mind and body just shut down until they put his little girl into his arms.  His sweet, sweet Alva. This was however two years ago. Bjarni was still very sad about all the deaths in his life, but he did his best to be strong. For he had to be strong for his little girl.

• Face Claim: Ben Barnes
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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Age : 21 y/o
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PostSubject: Re: Bjarni Dagsson Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:14 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagerrak

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Bjarni Dagsson
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