The world in their mind [OPEN]

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The world in their mind [OPEN]

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Bjarni Dagsson

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PostSubject: The world in their mind [OPEN] Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:56 pm

Bjarni had decided to take the day off boat building and spend a little time with his daughter, sure he spent most of his time with her anyways. However her wanted to spend a little more time with her then normal today. He wanted to take Alva to see the horses, as she had just turned two and he was sure she was going to understand them so much more the she had done before. It was always so interesting to him to watch her learn and do something new. The world was such a large new place to his daughter, and Bjarni planed to make all of the learning experiences fun and exciting for her. For she was his world now that everyone else he cared about was dead. Alva meant more to him then anything and everything in the world. She was the reason he even got up in the morning, for if it wasn't for her, Bjarni was sure he would have drank himself to death or found some other way to end his pathetic existence. However he didn't want to think about that kind of thing, he was depressed on the inside enough as it was, and he didn't want his daughter to start catching on that daddy isn't a happy man. She was still young, but if he didn't get better, or at least better at hiding his feeling Alva was going to figure things out and maybe even blame herself for something that was the gods doing and no one elses. A fact he had to remind himself everyday when he got out of bed in the morning.

So because he had taken the day off with his little girl, Bjarni had gotten her dressed as warm as he could before he took her out and into the snow. So far he had been lucky and safe, and she had not gotten sick. He had no plans of that changing any time soon as well. So as long as she stayed warm and dry he was sure things were going to be okay. "Are you ready to go see the horses with daddy?" he asked her as he picked her up and made his way toward the grasslands where all the wild horses normally were. If he was honest he was excited to see the excitement on her face, and to watch her take everything in. Maybe if seeing the horse went well, he would teach her how to make snow balls as well. Playing in the snow could be fun. He could remember doing it as a child with the other villagers and enjoying it a lot. So hopefully his sweet little Alva would as well. The walk really wasn't that long, something he was very glad for, because Alva was growing more and more impatient as the time went on. Being small made things like waiting a long time for what she wanted very hard.

Once they were there Bjarni was very happy to see many horses running around and playing in the snow together. "Do you see them Alva?" he asks her and she nods her head. "Horsey, Horsey!" he hears his daughter say and it makes him smile, and warms his heart just a little bit. She always helped him forget how sad he was about everything that had happen in his life. For it was not all bad, he was given her. The greatest gift in the world, Bjarni just wished he hadn't had to lose all the other people he cared about to get her. "Closer daddy, closer" Alva says to him next and he nods his head and makes his way a little bit closer to the horses. "We can't go too close, they are still wild animals." he makes sure to tell his daughter. After a little while of watching the horses move around Alva wanted down and he decided they could play in the snow just a bit before heading home.

Picking up a little snow he makes a ball while she is watching."Just like this, and then you throw it like this." Bjarni explains to her slowly and gently. Alva was small and took more attention. Throwing the snow ball he smiles at her excitement and does it again, making sure to show her the same steps over and over again. However the next time he throws it, he notices he accidentally hits a person in the back as well. "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know anyone else was out here." he says as he walks over to Alva and pick her up quickly. He wasn't sure who the person was, and it was never stupid to be careful of the people around you."I was just teaching my daughter, I didn't mean to hit you." Bjarni makes sure to add in next as he waited to see if the person was going to turn around or not.
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The world in their mind [OPEN]
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