Cecilie Kjaransdóttir

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Cecilie Kjaransdóttir

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Cecilie Kjaransdóttir

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Age : 27 y/o
Place of birth : Skagen

PostSubject: Cecilie Kjaransdóttir Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:20 am

Name: Cecilie
Last name: Kjaransdóttir
Title: ---
Age: 27
Place of birth: Skagen
Place of residence:  Skagen
Rank:  Læknir

  • Compassionate: Cecilie just truly cares about and enjoys helping people. This was her primary motivation for becoming a healer, but it does go beyond just healing. If she sees someone who might need assistance, she wouldn’t hesitate to approach them and offer to help.

  • Hardworking: She is perfectly willing to work hard for what she wants, or even working hard in order to help others. She’s not one to back down or give up easily.

  • Dedicated: She is a very dedicated and loyal person. Her family is most important to her, but once she’s given her loyalty to others, they can count on her for anything. She takes her role as healer very seriously, and would never turn anyone away if they came to her for help of any kind, no matter who they are or how she felt about them.

  • Confident: Growing up with two brothers meant that Cecilie had no shortage of people looking after her, and building up her confidence. She’s rarely been afraid of anything outside of losing loved ones, and has no trouble approaching strangers and making friends. She can be a bit sarcastic and a bit of a flirt when she’s around people she feels comfortable with. Thanks to her brothers, she’s not a sensitive person by any means, but doesn’t take crap from anyone. Her brothers are both jokers, so she’s perfectly used to more sarcastic humor, but she won’t hesitate to scold people if she thinks they’re being inappropriate towards her.  And she hates when people try to tell her what to do.

  • Intuitive: She’s very good at reading people, reading between the lines, drawing conclusions and trusting her instincts.

  • Adaptable: Cecilie has no trouble going along with other’s plans as long as they’re polite enough to ask her and not just tell her what she/they are going to do. For example, she personally was not really interested in traveling very much, but because her brothers wanted to, she was more than happy to join them. She would be equally happy traveling the world or remaining in the same place forever as long as she was with people she cares about, and no one was trying to force her into anything.

Appearance: Cecilie has long, dark brown hair, that she usually leaves unbound, and bright blue eyes. She’s tall, at 5’9”, and thin.
Parents: Kjaran Njallsson, farmer, alive &
                   Eyja Alarrsdóttir, farmer, alive
Siblings: Dómi Kjaransson, older brother, viking turned fisherman, alive
                    Elias Kjaransson, twin brother, viking, deceased
History: Kjaran Njallsson was the son of two farmers, and inherited their farm when he was a young man. Eyja Alarrsdóttir was the daughter of a viking and healer. Her father died in a raid when she was a teenager, and a few years later she married Kjaran, and became a farmer as well. Her mother lived with them and helped them raise their children when their son, Dómi was born, and the twins, Elias & Cecilie followed four years later. Kjaran & Eyja are hardworking, kind, generous people, and raised their children to be as well. They were surprised and a bit disappointed that none of their children showed much interest in becoming farmers, but always supported the three of them in their goals.

Cecilie always enjoyed helping people, and she was always especially close to her grandmother, who was a healer, so she had been learning about plants and healing from a fairly young age, and decided that was what she wanted to do with her life; Perpetually helping people to the best of her ability. Both of her brothers decided to become vikings, and Cecilie was glad she’d made the decision to become a healer. She felt that was the best way she could look after her brothers and protect them the way they’d always protected her.

When the twins were 20, and Dómi was 24, they’d all managed to accomplish their goals of becoming vikings & a healer and the three of them decided to strike out on their own to see the world together. Their parents remained in Skagen, as they had obligations and responsibilities there, and the siblings stuck together, ending up settling in Kattegat for quite a long while and making a new home for themselves there.

However, after interrupting a fight in a tavern to help a teenager who was getting beat on by a couple drunk men, Elias was stabbed and very badly wounded and Cecilie wasn’t able to save him. So the two remaining siblings have made their way back to Skagen for the first time in a quite a while, to tell their family about what happened and spend some time at home with their parents as they grieve the loss of their brother. While Cecilie had always encouraged and shared her brothers’ sense of adventure, she has decided she wants to remain in Skagen indefinitely while coping with her twin’s death. For her it’s more than just loss, and sadness, she’s also feeling overwhelming guilt for not being able to save him. And she’s become a bit clingy towards Dómi now that she’s come face to face with the fact that she could lose him like she has Elias, and isn’t sure what Dómi wants to do in the immediate future. The idea of being separated from both of her brothers, if he decides he doesn’t wish to remain in Skagen for very long, is causing her quite a bit of stress on top of the guilt and grief, but she’s trying to put on a brave face for her family’s sake.

Cecilie and Dómi decided they didn’t want to remain on their parents’ farm after the first few days, as they were far too used to being on their own now, and end up buying a small cottage along the edge of the village nearest the docks. There was a tiny abandoned white kitten living in the house, and Cecilie adopted her and named her Bryn. And between taking care of the kitten, cleaning and decorating the house, helping her parents on their farm, and trying to reacquaint herself with the village and get the word out that she’s a healer, Cecilie is doing anything she can to keep as busy and distracted as possible so she has very little time to think about her brother and deal with her grief properly.

Faceclaim: Barbara Palvin
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PostSubject: Re: Cecilie Kjaransdóttir Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:27 pm

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You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

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Cecilie Kjaransdóttir
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