I'm still the same, but I'm trying to change [Halfdan]

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I'm still the same, but I'm trying to change [Halfdan]

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Cecilie Kjaransdóttir

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PostSubject: I'm still the same, but I'm trying to change [Halfdan] Thu Feb 15, 2018 8:55 am

Cecilie was going to force herself right into village life in Skagen. It wasn’t feeling as unbearable as it had when they’d first returned, and Cecilie was determined to keep herself as busy as possible. Maybe that would help her stave off the near constant grief that had been threatening to consume her over the last few weeks. So far, it seemed to be working. She’d been helping her parents around the farm with whatever they asked, and the cottage she and Dómi had found in the village had not exactly been in the best shape. She’d spent almost a whole day cleaning and airing it out, while Dómi pretended to help her. After living with him on their own for seven years, she knew what he was up to, but she was willing to let it slide for the moment because it kept her mind occupied. 

With that done, she knew she should go find someone who knew what was going on in the village, and see if she could offer her assistance at all. Healing was something she was good at, and it was useful, and it would certainly keep her distracted. She didn’t exactly have many old friends to reacquaint herself with. Before they’d left, she’d spent most of her time with her brothers or her grandmother. Cecilie knew she hadn’t exactly led the most interesting life, but she’d been happy. She helped people, she traveled, she spent time with the people she cared about. It had been enough.

She realized this was the exact sort of thing she was supposed to be distracting herself from, and left the house. She was going to bring Bryn with her but the little kitten was busy chasing Dómi’s new puppy, Brokk around the house. It seemed the pair of them had become fast friends, which made her smile. Leaving the animals home, Cecilie left the cottage and headed towards the training fields. That seemed the most likely place to find someone to talk to. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been familiar with many of the higher ranking people in the village before she’d left, and she certainly didn’t know any of them now. Other than Halfdan. But she wasn’t sure this was something that required the Earl’s attention. 

Cecilie knew Dómi was already getting reacquainted with some of his old friends, and hoped that would also give her a few people to talk to. She probably ought to branch out on her own at some point but for now she was perfectly happy to follow her brother’s lead. Just like always.

When she reached the training fields, she stood out of the way, scanning the faces to see if she recognized anyone there or lingering nearby. Before she could get a good look, someone she didn’t know was standing far too close to her. He wasn’t much taller than she was, and from his build and clothing, she got the feeling he wasn’t much of a fighter. When she took a step back, he followed and Cecilie rolled her eyes. He was trying to flirt but she just didn’t have the patience for this nonsense right now. 

Please go away,” she asked politely, but he didn’t seem interested in being polite. So she punched him in the face, just like Elias had taught her. He clearly hadn’t been expecting it, and she was able to take a few steps back, putting a bit of distance between them. The man was cupping his hand over his nose as he cursed at her, but she wasn’t overly concerned. When he tilted his head back, she shook her head at him. “Just pinch your nose, don’t tilt your head back. And maybe put some snow on the back of your neck. It should help. Now please go away.” 

He left and Cecilie resumed her searching as if nothing had happened. She managed to spot a single familiar face not too far away, and approached him with a smile. Evidently she’d be bothering the earl after all. Hopefully he’d remember her. “Halfdan,” she greeted him with a nod. “Could I speak to you for a moment?"
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I'm still the same, but I'm trying to change [Halfdan]
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