× First blood. [Hvitserk]

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× First blood. [Hvitserk]

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Hilde Odinsdóttir

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PostSubject: × First blood. [Hvitserk] Thu Feb 15, 2018 6:52 pm

From what Hilde could see, the village didn’t look that big, nor that secure, given the fact that nobody welcomed them in the way they expected someone to do; engaging a fight. After the group got off their boats, they chose to split into different groups and she was basically dragged into a group where she didn’t seem to know anyone. Maybe that was for the best, so that she could focus on their mission better, without any kind of distraction.

Following her group, she found herself surrounded by what looked to be a bunch of houses, one next to the other. With her disappointment, she realised that nobody was going to fight them in that place, but she also knew how much easier it was to find valuable things and loot them all. While sneaking through the streets, trying not to be seen, Hilde heard people screaming. It was clear that the other group finally had started fighting and that fueled her adrenaline, as well as her envy for those who were actually battling against the warriors of Hjortdal.

The group went forward and broke into the houses. She saw how ruthless the warriors from Kattegat were, killing everyone they saw, ignoring if they were children, women or old men. Bryrja told her how war was, and if she wanted to survive and their raid to be a success, she needed to be ruthless as well. With a kick, Hilde knocked down a door, that fell on the ground with a loud thud, after which, nothing else could be heard. Even though the house looked empty, the girl’s senses were wide awake while she entered the room. Her right hand tightened up around her axe while her steps were getting more and more slower. She entered another room, but nobody was there to be seen. If somebody was actually there, their hiding spot was a good one. Hilde chose to stand up from her fighting position and started walking around the room, looking for jewels or other things that could seem to have some kind of value.

The blonde heard a soft thud behind her and when she turned around, a man was running up to her, holding what it looked like a knife in his hands, pointing it towards her. Everything seemed to slow down and the girl grabbed the man’s arm, pushing herself away from the knife’s course. She jumped to the man’s back and before he could turn around to attack her once again, she grabbed her axe firmly and planted it in the man’s head. Taking the axe out of his cranium, the girl heard a cracking sound and a little spurt of blood came out of the wound, before the man could fall lifeless on the ground.

Looking at the body, Hilde couldn’t hold back her grin and a little giggle. That was her first kill and being able to choose what to do with someone else’s life, made her feel invincible. With trickles of blood still falling down from her axe, the girl turned around just to meet someone else’s gaze. Her first instinct was that of holding tighter on her axe, but when she recognised the face of the person in front of her, she finally put the weapon back in her belt. ”What are you doing here?” She asked, holding back her smile, trying as much as possible to hide the fact that she felt her heartbeat increasing simply because Hvitserk was there looking at her.

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Hvitserk Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: × First blood. [Hvitserk] Fri Feb 16, 2018 12:48 am

After joining the group of people who’d followed Ivar to scout the village ahead of time, and deciding splitting up into two groups would be the best way to approach, Hvitserk had been positively shaking with adrenaline. This might not have been his first time going on a raid, but it was the first one he actually got to participate in, and he was determined to prove himself. He’d ended up on the left side from the harbor, charging in towards a cluster of houses, and while it didn’t appear to be in the thick of the fighting, he was happy where he was. He knew there’d be plenty of time for that soon enough.

His brothers weren’t nearby but Hvitserk wasn’t especially concerned. He was confident they could all take care of themselves. While running towards the rows of houses, he’d only had one man come charging at him. Hvitserk lifted his shield to block the man’s sword and immediately thrust his own into the man’s chest. It was over quickly, and after scanning the area to make sure no one else was coming at him, he entered a small house alone.

He tossed the house pretty quickly, irritated at finding nothing of value, and left to make his way further down the row of houses. Surely there had to be something interesting somewhere?

And he definitely found something interesting in the next house he entered, though it wasn’t exactly what he’d had in mind. He’d missed the start of this scuffle, but he was there to watch Hilde sink her axe into this man’s skull. It was probably the sexiest thing he’d ever seen. He didn’t miss the grin and giggle as he heard the thud of the body dropping to the ground and his face cracked into a wide grin.

His grin didn’t drop when she turned towards him and asked what he was doing there. “I see you’re having fun? I'm just enjoying the view,” he answered, nodding in her direction. He enjoyed this particular view whether she was being violent or not. He looked around the house quickly, in search of anything shiny. “And wondering where all the goods are hidden. There has to be something here, right?” Assuming she wouldn’t be thrilled if he managed to grab something from this house since she’d killed for it, he bowed dramatically and held his arm out, gesturing towards the door. “Want to go kill some more people?” If he wasn't getting rich here, he was definitely going to need to start doing some more damage. Also was this, like, their first date?
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× First blood. [Hvitserk]
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