Tobias Néelsson

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Tobias Néelsson

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Tobias Néelsson

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Age : 33
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PostSubject: Tobias Néelsson Thu Feb 15, 2018 11:16 pm

• Name: Tobias
• Last name: Néelsson
• Title: Courageous
• Age: Thirty-Three
• Place of birth: Skagen
• Place of residence: Skagen
• Rank: Skald
• Personality:
• Cocky
• Intellegant
• Bold
• Sweet (do not tell a soul)
• Courageous
• Hates being told what to do
• He has a food allergy with berries of any sort
• Talkative when he wants to be
• Gets lost in his work
• Loves his horse
• Appearance:
• Height: 6'0
• Weight: 150
• Hair Color: Dark Brown
• Hair Length: Medium
• Eye Color: Almond
• Body build: Medium
• Any other features: Scar on left eye, facial hair, tattoo on his back of a falcon.
• Parents: Néel and Isla
• Siblings: Othello Néelsson (half-brother)
• History:
Tobias was born to Néel and Isla in the village of Skagen. He is the only child, but has a half brother. Tobias and his half brother got along okay through the years. However, his half brother was five years older than him and started to join the warriors. Leaving their mother heart broken when this happened. It seemed that the only thing that could calm her was music, which gave the young man an idea. So when Othello was out on the war he tried to make poems for his mother. At least to give her some comfort. Their father had gone to war before and did not come back so that left them with their mother. That just meant when Othello was at war, Tobias was the only one to take care of her.

As Tobias grew up the poems became more into writing folk music. Sure Othello would make fun about it and that his half-brother should join him on being a warrior. Being tempted he allowed his half-brother to teach him a little of sword fighting. It was in the middle of the fighting that Othello was called back into battle. So, while he was out he continued his training wanting to honor Othello some how, but then drawn back to music. He couldn't help it and by this winter sadly their mother had past on to be with the spirits. Knowing she was not suffering any more.

This started to cause friction since Othello and him were never really that close. Only when it came to sword fighting. To him that was not really what you would call "bonding".  Othello moved away from the village. Leaving Tobias pretty much an orphan. It was okay by him, he was old enough to take care of himself. He had made himself a new home a little outside the village to make a little solitude.

Never good to be alone when your parent died. He turned to what he knew how to do best and that was music. His first official song was about his mother. So that is why he is known for being a Skald.

Now Tobias' history is very far from over. He does wish to have a family of his own. He would not openly admit to that. Since after his mother died he pushed out many people of the village. The only time he went into the village was to get some supplies that he could not make himself. To visit his closest of friends even then it was not enough to hold him.

When he does have a song or songs to share he tends to go to the village to hear feedback. An artist of any sort loves to hear feedback. There is however a woman that he has an eye on in the village that he can't seem to stir away from. Slowly but surely, it got him into coming back into the village. It didn't seem so bad. It just a matter of when to tell the woman of how he feels. Never been the one to tell others how he felt. He may be courageous, but when it comes to women it is hard sometimes to get it out.

One night he actually got the courage to tell her and her brother started to have a fight with him. Giving him the scar he has now. That fight did not stop them. They started to see each other behind her brother's back. Telling her how he felt a month later and after that he had not seen her since. Perhaps she and her brother went to travel? He could only hope for her safe return.

His religion is pagan and not afraid to let that be known. Why be ashamed of how your culture formed you right? He doesn't see why it be a matter to anyone.

• Faceclaim: Jack Huston
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Ubbe Ragnarsson

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PostSubject: Re: Tobias Néelsson Sat Feb 17, 2018 10:46 am

Character sheet

You are now a proud citizen of Skagen

Hunt like the wolves we are
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Tobias Néelsson
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